Statement from the Canadian Football League

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League has released the following statement:

Earlier today, the CFL issued a news release announcing this year’s East and West Division All-Stars, which were voted on by coaches, the media and fans. A subsequent examination has revealed that an error was made in the tabulation and weighting of votes, which resulted in errors in the release.

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so bush league.


Such professionals are they not

Yikes. Pretty sure every contract in this league has a bonus clause for making the AS team. Hope some of the ones moving down haven't pre spent their supposed windfall.


At least they fixed it I guess?

Thats about what I would expect from GridironGirl. It was a mistake,if you really think the CFL is bush league that says more about you


Absolutely embarrassing. High school students could have pulled this off. Ambrosie - come on man.
I feel for the fans, but most of all, the players who were removed: That must really hurt.

Well, if the Academy Awards can do it…


No winner in CFL all-star fiasco (

Great, turning up now all over the place.

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The topper will come later when the CFL presents engraved trophy's to the rightful winners with their names scribbled over the 'oopsie names' with sharpies.


Sharpies.... Ha :smile:

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