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Now I'm going back to the lab to prepare for a huge game !!!!! Let's go Ticat nation you no we do things the HARD WAY ...

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If coach Austin and O taught me anything it's you are going to make mistakes just be a man and own up to them and I apologize for post game.

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For me it's always about the youth and with this platform I have. I need to be a positive role model in every situation and I will b better

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And for all the kids that had to watch my actions after the game I apologize that is not how you should handle yourself in any situation .

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My comments after the game was not acceptable..Not being the face of a great organization it's not about me in heated moments it's always US

Simoni Lawrence ?@Simoni_Lawrence 49m49 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
I was not trying to hurt Hank just trying to make a play against a good QB that has a hell of a stiff arm in the open field...

What'd he say I missed it? Classy move by him to put out a well thought out apology that seemed genuine.

It was all about Simoni's hit on Burris when he was outside of the pocket and Lawrence hit him low but not on his knee but on Burris's thigh. Burris was interviewed at half time and said that it was basically a dirty hit and cried about feeding his family and that players like Lawrence don't belong in this league. Real cry baby crap coming out of Hank's mouth I lost a lot of respect for Burris after that interview, absolutely NO CLASS ACT by Hank. Lawrence was told about what Hank said after the game and basically called Burris out along with the TSN panel and called Hank a little girl and also said that the refs in the league are not very good.

If you watch film,that's how I tackle. If Hank is going to act like a girl and say that it's a low hit,and get everybody on board like the TSN panel and everybody else,that is not right. The refs are not good enough in this league for you guys to talk about that stuff all the time. If you put that in their head,then I am going to be the player that they are going to keep calling that stuff on. They are going to keep saying: Simoni did this, Simoni did that. It's just not fair, I don't think it is fair to me as a player.

The bottom line is that it was a LEGAL hit ,no flag was thrown on the play and lastly if Hank is more concerned about getting injured then playing then maybe he should've just sat this game out. Bottom line is right now Hank is TSN's golden boy and I guess he feels along with the panel that he should have preferential treatment. Burris is a Crybaby who has NO CLASS. SHUT UP HANK and just play ball ya whiny little B--TCH.

I agree Simoni is now a marked man. Especially for maligning officials. We all saw how poorly the game was called, we can bit*h here, bt he cant do it publically.

The officiating crew should all be punished.

The TSN fools should be forced to watch a replay and formally apologize ON AIR.

Well unfortunately sounds like it was Simoni who marked himself with his own words not Hank. There wasn't even a flag on the play so the refs called it right.

Dumb situation all around, the play was a bang bang play where SImoni had to lunge in order to try and get Hank down before he got rid of the ball, nobody should have said anything Burris has been in the league long enough to know you shouldn't be calling players out at half-time for dirty hits that Hank probably hadn't even seen a replay of at that point, and Simoni definitely shoulda kept his mouth shut after the game, he marked his own target.

Simoni doesn't have to apologize to me in any way, shape or form. The man is a football player.

Maybe we are just seeing the reason that Burris is no longer in Calgary or Hamilton? And how often in the past have we heard TSN panel slag Burris for poor play? Good Hank/bad Hank sound familiar? Now he seems to be the feel good story of 2015. Should be a least one defensive player somewhere on the TSN crew (besides Suitor of course-another Pollyanna) who can give that perspective? Thank goodness for Duane Ford.

As I said on another thread, Burris has put the target on Simoni's back. Smilin' Hank speak with forked tongue!

unfortunately Simoni is right ..Hank put a target on and the TSN panel made it even bigger... he may not o helped himself by speaking the truth but the officials will mark him as a player to watch with an unjustified reputation because of a classless remarks by don't touch me Hank ...... haven't heard any whinning about the hit to the head of Jef Matthews by an Ottawa player ..maybe Hank should comment on that play..... The TSN panel should have kept there opinions neutral ... but then again their egos cant keep their mouths from flapping trying to one better each other...this football where hits happen sometimes right sometimes wrong the game is played on split second decisions and emotion ..If Hank feels like he shouldn't be hit maybe he should have taken up competitive ball room dancing

Maybe for the next game the RB's could get Hanky a pair of these to wear along with that knee brace.

Sorry Bobo. Simoni dove for Hank's knees and adjusted his forearm to hit him right in the knee brace. This is as clear an attempt to injure as I've seen since Khalif broke Rottier's arm and will surely be fined. Out of character but this was a low point in his career IMO. Then you add that they took out the kicker in the first quarter and it looks very bad.

This legal hit is clearly on the Hip!
His forearm is not to his knee

you are reaching there with both statements especially taking out the punter ...... why don't you comment on the redblacks hits on Matthews and Banks ..or is that forgotten because no one has gone television and made a big deal of feeding their families

Well the one on Banks was penalized and the hit on Matthews should have been as well but it IMO it was an accidental contact to the head. Matthews jumped sideways to make the throw... Do CFL officials blow calls ! Hell yeah and I like Simoni, but this was not his finest hour.

It wasn't Simoni's finest hour ??? I guess then you must think that Hanks halftime blathering was warranted ? The only thing that Simoni should and probably will get fined for from the league will be for his comments about officiating after the game. If he gets fined for the hit then the league should just fold up shop and and reorganize as a two handed touch football league where there is no contact allowed at all. I guess if we reversed the situation and it was a Chip Cox making that same hit on Burris then in your mind it would be hunky dory and much ado about nothing. If Burris was so concerned about being hit and he already knew that his knee wasn't 100% going into the game then maybe he shouldn't have been playing in the first place. One thing is for certain and that is that Burris should have showed more class and decorum in that halftime interview instead of crying like a little b--ch and making himself look like a total tool.

What I took exception with that I don’t think should have been said was as quoted from 3 Down Nation and yahoo sports in calling Burris a ‘ho’. That comment I feel crossed the line and demanded an apology.

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Yes Burris looked like a tool in that interview. I’m not a Burris fan. I did not like the hit and I don’t even like him. What does that tell you ?

But unlike the Simoni hit, those hits weren't clean or within the rules. If Jeff Mathews was hit in the exact same way as Hank, nobody would even be calling for a roughing the passer call. We can speculate on Simoni's intentions all we want, the fact is that he hit Hank clean. The rules don't change just cuz there's a vet out there with a wonky knee.

Great photo of the hit...clean hit .... Burris is a crybaby..totally classless comments at halftime..... enough said

FYI: The knee is the joint in the middle of the leg that allows the leg to bend. The hip is the joint at the top of the leg. The thigh is in between the knee and the hip.

Just wanted to be sure we all share the same definitions. According to the definitions I've just quoted, SL's hit was to the hip or possibly the thigh.

Looking at this gif from 3downnation it may help to explain why the discrepancy regarding the location of the hit. Notice that Burris hops as he throws the ball. Lawrence hits him as he lands. The target area of Lawrence's hit (if Burris is firmly planted on the ground) is the thy/hip area. Because of the hop before the hit, however, Burris may have felt the impact more in the knee/thy area. Taking the "hop" into consideration, I think it is fair to say that Lawrence was not aiming for the knee.

[url=] ... Burris.gif[/url]

That photo needs to be sent to the TSN panel so they can shut up about it and maybe apologize in public the next game. Unacceptable for them to call out Simon like they did on air. I had little respect for them before but now have none.

That panel is pathetic at the best of times.