It was fun , with the recent unification.
Cats fans , Als fans and a Stamps fan standing together for the common good. :smiley:

However, lets have a thread that we can all share in.
For those of you who have been a CFL fan for many years as I am , I would be interested to know about this.

It does not have to be a positive one , just anything that stands out.

For myself, I have 3:

  • 1971 ( grade 3 - 8 yrs old ) my first live CFL game . Stamps - 17 Ti-Cats- 1

-1975 watching on tv. Eskimos 48 Bombers 41. The reason this is weird is because the Bombers had to wear the Eskimos road jerseys. The Bombers jerseys went missing had had to borrow jerseys from the Esks with the names torn off.
Deiter Brock somehow managed to wedge himself into Tom Wilkinson's .

  • 1975 . I saved this for the last. It was not a good moment. Horrible day in a young man`s life and CFL history .


You have all heard about the Tom Pate award.

I was at the game in 1975 ( Grade 7 - 12 years old ) between the Stamps and Ti-Cats.
There was a play were Pate was hit and went down and did not get up.
He was not even moving.

What made this even worse, was the 2 clowns pretending to be paramedics, walk on to the field nice and slow.
Like they were taking a nice walk in the park.
Fans were livid yelling for them to hurry up.

Anyway, they got him to an ambulance and off to the hospital.
He was in a coma. I remember hearing on the radio 2 or 3 days later he died in the hospital.
It was an aneurysm.
It was in his brain and it took that one hit.

I remember it clear like yesterday.
So glad he will never be forgotten with his name on the award.

Anybody else want to share anything .....

The new first game at the new stadium here in the Hammer. It was a Labour Day against you-know-who. I was standing beside an elevator when the door opened. There were two Argo fans in wheelchairs being brought in. One of the guys pushing the chairs was our owner, Bob Young. Total class.

:thup: :thup: :thup: When the word class is googled, they should have his photo along with the description.

I knew he was a nice class guy.
That took it to a new level.

To bad that kind of stuff is never mentioned in the media.
They only like reporting the bad.

Mine was a game I only saw on TV, but it was that great. It was Hamilton @ Saskatchewan in 1992, and the Ticats railroaded them 44-6.

The funny thing is that the Rider QB in that game was the now Head Coach of the Ticats, Kent Austin.

My first Ticat game. Against the Blue Bombers. We came back and won at the end - during a horrible season. I was hooked!

My best memory was winning the cup at home in 2013. But I thing the run up to the 89 cup was just as good. Beating Calgary, then Edmonton. Then playing Hamilton in what was one of the best Grey Cups I've seen. The worst was that 13 man thing.

......I prefer the memory of the 1990 Grey Cup game myself in B.C.....Bombers 50...Edm....11..Now that was shellacking

...Regarding Tom Pate.....I remember that game as well....though I only caught it on television...Funny how some tragic incidents like that stick with you...As I remember it, he returned to the huddle and showed signs of distress and two of his team mates tried to hold him up as he was showing signs of collapse....They managed to get him into the end zone and laid him on the turf..I don't think a lot of players or fans really realized how serious the situation was at first....Something nobody could have ever predicted... Naming a CFL award after Tom Pate was very appropriate.

The second half of the 2009 Grey Cup game will never fade for me. Epic comeback by my Als capped by the infamous 13th man. :thup: :thup:

My first year as a season ticket holder for the Ti-Cats - 1972 (a gift from my aunts who all for decades had season tickets) - and the Grey Cup game win for the Cats at home in Hamilton on a last play Ian Sunter field goal. Doesn't get much better than that.

My second favourite - making a sign with friends that said 'Another Payne-ful Loss' on a huge bedsheet (that my friend got grief from his mother for ruining) that not only got shown multiple times during the CBC telecast of another Ti-Cats loss under head coach John Payne that season - but also was pictured the next morning in the Globe and Mail and then got featured in papers across the country when days later Payne got fired.

My third favourite - the best CFL game I ever attended where my team lost - the 1983 Eastern Division showdown between the huge underdog Ti-Cats with Dieter Brock as QB - against the heavily favoured Condredge Holloway QB'd Argos - and a 41-36 loss against the Argos in front of an INSANE record crowd of over 54,000 at Exhibition Stadium - that included about 20,000+ from Hamilton. An incredible game, an insane crowd - heartbreaking finish - but looking back - what a privilege to have been at that game and what a fun PACKED GO Train ride in from Hamilton to that game that was about a 70-30 split in favour Ti-Cats fans as we made our way to the Exhibition Grounds. That was SO MUCH fun.

Best sports memory of any sports event I've had the privilege of being at? Game 6 of the 1993 World Series when Joe Carter hit the Series winning home run. I suspect I'll never top that unless I happen to be at a game where the Leafs score an overtime goal to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in over 50 years - lol.

Getting a HUGE Tiger Cat helmet for my 4th. Christmas. You cannot see my face in the B&W pictures of me beside the tree wearing it.

I remember that game .I was 15 and watching it on tv. But my big moment came just a couple yrs ago, when my new neighbor showed me his 6 grey cup rings.

I would have to go back all the way to November 2016 the last Grey Cup.
First ever OT? was there a better Grey Cup ever?


That game was worth the small fortune we paid to be there.



I remember watching that game Brihind88. It was Rick Galbos that made the hit on Tom Pate. I remember it a little differently than you . I remember seeing the hit and Pate going down. I also recall that he was helped up, and under the support of either a couple of players or team staff was being helped off the field. Suddenly his legs just when like soft spaghetti and he couldn't walk. I can't remember what happened after that. 42 years ago is a long time so the memory might be a little fuzzy but I definitely remember the play. A day or two later I realized that a young CFL player was actually killed live on TV. Tragic for sure.

On more positive note I have two stand out memories:

1. The 1994 Western Final between Calgary and B.C. It was played in Calgary and it was snowing heavily. You could not even see the lines and numbers on the field. If I recall Danny McManus, replaced Kent Austin in the QB position for the Lions. Guess who was the QB for Calgary? And guess who the coach was for Calgary in that game? Here is a 9 minute clip that should excite any vintage CFL fan:

2. The 2011 BC Lions season. What a season! The team was 0-5 and Lions fans figured this was a lost cause and then they won a game. Hooray! And then lost again. Now they were 1-7. Whoop -dee- doo. Who would have thought the B.C. Lions would turn their season around and end up taking 1st place in the West having made such a dismal start? And it isn't as if they'd won just a few games and the other teams were terrible. The Lions finished with a respectable 22 points on the season. So did Calgary and Edmonton but the Lions had the better record and earned first place.

The Lions in 2011 not only went on to take 1st place in the West but they beat Edmonton in the Western Final and won the Grey Cup that year beating out Winnipeg.

And the icing on the cake as they say? My wife and I were season's ticket holders that year and got to see the Western Final in BC Place and the Grey Cup in BC. Place. The first [and the last so far] Grey Cup game we have ever seen live! It has never been the same for us so we will hang on to those treasured memories for a very long time.

Sorry Slim.

That was not the first OT .
1962 and 2005 were both OT's.

However , 2016 was perhaps the best Cup ever.

1989 seeing the cocky 16-2 Edmonton Eskimos lose to The 9-9 Roughriders

And the first time the Esks missed the playoffs in 2007 in 34 seasons

:thup: :thup: :thup:

1989 was not only a great day for the Riders but the CFLas well. All of CFL fans in Canada excluding Hamilton were routing for the Riders.

EE Everyone's Enemy

BTW, it was 2006 for Esks missing the play-offs.

It stands out because it is very rare for a team to win the Cup ( 2005 ) and miss the play-offs the next year.

Oh, ok

My last ever visit to Taylor Field in 2013 to see the Riders win the one and only Grey Cup on that historic field. I'll never beat that one in my lifetime. Fans had tears streaming down their faces after waiting a lifetime for this moment.