State of the Season Address

Bye week, waiting for Loaour day game so what the heck here is a review/preview of the season.

Montreal--Just a BAD game, deserved to lose.

Calgary--Same thing

Two Wins--Ok, last time I checked those are good things.

Now the other four games (which is really the season in a nutshell)--There have been about 10 plays that have caused a least three of these four loses. Think about it 10 plays but that's the whole point during the next 10 games we have to make those plays fall in our favor if we are going to make the playoffs. We need to play at the level where we take ALL at home the rest of the way out and win at LEAST one to two away games. I still stand by my perdiction that there will be a crosover so we got to get into the top two in the East. Smart, limited mistakes football for the next 10 games is our only ticket to the playoffs. I've got my tickets, I don't want the 25% off for next year, lets see if the organization can get it done in the next ten so we can be sitting in those seats on the second week in November to watch some PLAYOFF football. Remember what the late George Allen said once "Winning is Living, Losing is Dying"

Good post. Despite some of the tripe spewed on this site, this season could very easily be 4-4.

Don't get me wrong, I'm far from satisfied. I would thought that a .500 season was well within our reach -- and, no matter how well we played, it's the 'w' that counts.

Injuries (for better for worse) have also played a big part.

Overall, I think this is a pretty exciting team. Unfortunately, we kill ourselves with bonehead plays and some very questionable coaching decisions.

I do think we need a bit more heart...that's the intangible that converts those winnable games into actual wins.

I see heart on this team.
They are young and mostly inexperienced. They are bound to make mistakes. That said, this team has the makings of something good, given time and a few personnel improvements.

You can have all the heart you want.

You can play as hard as you want, like Charlie says every week!

Bottom line is wins! I don't care if they are ugly or pretty! I want wins!

Young and inexperienced is what I heard last year and we got even younger this year.

I am tired of it taking so long to develop anything.

We are going to build a team that will be good for 3-5 years and then rebuild again?

I don't want this! I want a winner every year like BC and Calgary and Montreal!

We made personnel changes and they still don't seem to be the right ones!

I am starting to get really sick of this and I've only been a ticket holder for 3 years! I feel sorry for the long termers!

since when has calgary been a winner? they just got good in '05, but have noever won anything. no playoff wins. no division championships. nothing. they have been pretty much a .500 team since '05.

Such as?

I would like to know what your opinion of the questionable coaching decisions are.

I know what some of the bonehead plays were for sure. I would like to know what questionable coaching decisions you saw.

What are we, one game out of 2nd? And the team in 2nd is going downhill faster than lightning. We just might get into the postseason!

Yep 1 game outta 2nd place ... and our for/against ratio is 173/240 and the Blue Team is 175/242 (very similar)

We smuck 'em on Labour Day and the Bombers will in all likelihood get smucked by the Roughies and we're in 2nd!

Woo hoo!

2nd and 1 on the six.
QB off the bench lines up in the shotgun.

Costs us the game. 'nuff said.

True. I didn't like that call either. But it didn't help when Richie runs that play and trips over his own feet.

Costs us the game. 'nuff said.
I don't know if it cost us the game, but it was at a crucial point.

That's one questionable coaching decision, and only becuase it failed. If Richie scored, then we woulnd't be giving coaches credit, would we?

Fair enough, I wasn't necessarily disagreeing with you, I was just curious to see what you saw as questionalbe coaching decisions. Personally I have seen many decisions I'm not happy with from too many 3 many rushes with a secondary that still leaves a man wide open to no pressure to innefective blitz calls to no screen passes to throwing 4 yard routes on 2nd and 10 and so on. So I don't disagree, I was just looking to see what in particular you were referring to.