State of the League

State of the League/Commissioners Address is going on now

No update on the Als sale.

Hope to have “good news? in the next few weeks

45 internationals in league lineups next year.

21,000 fans in attendance at German Bowl 2 weeks ago.

Commish tried to convince them to play on a Canadian field.

The German bowl means nothing at all in terms of the CFL. Especially when they are playing with American rules.

If they were playing Canadian rules then that would be great. The Germans probably only understand one game of football and thats the American version. That is a big uphill battle for the CFL which I don't see ending well in the CFL's best interest.

It was a political speach 101: many words but very little content.

Like the fact they are gonna invest and work more closely with youth programs. No more kids, no more football.

Like it or not, there is an appetite and talent across the pond for football, and the CFL would be dumb not to tap into that. I mean, it’s not the aging fan base at home alone that will keep this league afloat in 30 years

The future of the league will depend on either the addition or subtraction of one team.

I know tapping into the market over seas is good for the CFL but don’t you think it would make more sense if they were playing the CDN brand? How can you ever play games over seas or in Mexico when they only know the 4 down game? I would love to see these leagues over seas make the transition to the CDN game and then I beleive the skys the limits.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem for the American players, right? :wink:

Expansion with a video game. 8)

Was there any talk about attendance problems in some places?

Yes exactly if they are not playing the three down game this is a lost cause .

My feeling is they cannot compete with the NFL international initiative . They are doing great in finding International talent .

The CFL is actually late to the game in that respect .

However I repeat like a broken record the only weakness to the NFL is world play .
They do not have a way for a true world pro championship . Use that private club aspect of the NFL against them when moving in international markets .

The CFL three down game should exploit that weakness by having them play our game with a world play down with club champions .

Then see the CFL and each countries media rights move way up .

Kind of disappointed in the state of the league address this year they seem to have sanitized it this year with media questions that were way too open ended .

The fan questions seem to be able to dig into a singular smaller question on league issues that exemplify issues that require more thinking on a response .

The commish is very good at being diplomatic .

Every question asked " is a great question " not sure he realizes he says that so often .

Still love the address as it’s so CFL .

Agreed. The questions really seemed to be basic in nature and didn’t even come close to addressing the major issues that are front and centre to the league.

They REALLY need to start vetting people’s questions.
One guy who had obvious emotional/mental health issues was allowed to go off on a bit of a rant and derail the football conversation.

Yes, someone has to tell him that. It’s outdated media training designed to deflect and give the person a moment to think. But it sounds as bad now as “No comment” used to be and needs to be retired.

He also sounded nervous and was not his usual comfortable self, not sure why.

Unlike the last time, I say fold the team BEFORE that first preseason game in 2020 if no owner comes forth. Do NOT play all of the preseason games and then revamp the schedule 48 hours before that first regular season kickoff if there's a cash problem:

I blame the draft system in the CFL. The lousy teams do not get instant improvement with the current draft setup.