State of the League Address 2022

I’m guessing you’re not in Regina. Last night was WAY, WAY busier than Friday.

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I'm not in Regina. But if the Grey Cup were on Saturday, then Friday would be the new busier day. And/or Sunday could become an important festival day whereas now Monday is not.

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Just listened to bits and pieces of the “state of the league”. For me the interesting parts were:

  1. Ambrosie saying they are looking at neutral site games for Quebec, Atlantic Canada, Ontario and out west. No one asked him if they would be in the regular season or not. I’m hoping for Moncton and Quebec City for regular season. Guelph and Victoria for the pre-season.

  2. Ambrosie talking about expansion. He said that Amar Doman believed in definite timelines. He (Ambrosie) would be headed for talks with Atlantic Canada after the Grey Cup. They are working on creative solutions to not having a stadium ready ie). Atlantic Schooners just being a road team (fan inspired).


there is discussions with ESPN right now so the move to Saturday playoffs might have something to do with it

He wanted to change it to Saturdays in 2020. This has been in the works for a while.

"The next top four finishers — regardless of division — would claim the remaining four berths, with the third- and fourth-place clubs hosting the bottom two in semifinal action on a Saturday."