State of the League Address 2022

My hat is off to you.

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Pretty good actually, but rusty. I used to be able to throw a baseball over 90 mph long ago. Carnival guys hate me. Game on!

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You've obviously never lived in Calgary where historically the chances were heavily in favour of snow on the ground at Thanksgiving.

I don’t know enough about it yet to give an informed opinion.

I know that everyone thought Sportsnet overpaid when they entered into the present contract, but I have no idea if it turned out profitable for them or not.

No I haven’t lived in Calgary but I doubt it’s -20 in the second week of October. Calgary I would think isn’t much of a contender for a Grey Cup host until they do something with their aging venue or build something new.

My pimary objection is playing the most important games of the year in winter temperatures. You obviously have never lived in Winnipeg or Regina.

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To me Winter weather is part of football. I see your point and the merits to it. I have not really looked into the attendances but it seemed the attendances picked up once we got around late August and Labor Day. Personally I would like to see the league start late June or first part of July.


I did spend 2 years in Calgary and the weather is unpredictable at times.

Snow in July, nice Chinook wind around November/December.

Thanksgiving is hit and miss for snow.

But haven't heard about snow in July for years.

I was there 1998 to about 2001.

You're right. In my time in Calgary I don't think I ever saw a temperature much below -15 around Thanksgiving.

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Actually attendances usually tend to drop after Labour Day. Some but not all is weather related. The WF was 3,000 short of a sellout. That was 100% weather related as it was -10 to -15. Luckily there was no wind. I know several females, including my assistant, who have season tickets but won’t go to games in the winter and didn’t go last week. . I don’t blame them.

I was a Bomber season ticket holder for 25 years and can say with absolute certainty that bad weather affects attendance in Winnipeg. As Winnipeg leads the league in attendance and is habitually first or second to Regina, I think that is something the league needs to worry about. Regina of course has similar weather to Winnipeg which is even more pronounced because more fans must travel across wintry prairies to attend winter games. It showed last year with the poor attendance they had for the WSF, which was played in Arctic conditions. I don’t believe the Riders suddenly lost their passionate fan base so that leaves weather as the only explanation.

I also hate the way winter affects the on field game. If you want to see the best athletes run fast and jump and a lot of passing you need to watch football in the summer or fall. It doesn’t happen in the winter. Just look at the performances by Collaros and Rourke last week. Obviously the weather hampered their ability to throw a frozen popsicle. Luckily for them the weather also hampered the ability of DB’s to intercept that frozen popsicle. So we are left with less than stellar performances by great athletes in the most important games due to the cold, which could easily be avoided. This is what I mean by compromising the integrity of the game. Not my preference. I want to see the best performances by athletes on the field, not an element fest that levels the playing field.



You will a good game tomorrow.

Winnipeg has the edge in the run.

Temperature is predicted at a balmy -2° at kickoff.

Winnipeg is still favored (not sure what the point spread is)

Yes we got lucky. Even a week ago it was supposed to be colder. Relatively balmy for this time of year. Looking forward to it.

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Just for interest sake I did do a little number crunching with Edmonton, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg. I’ve said many times I thought attendance picked up around Aug 15 so that was my cutoff date between summer and fall schedules.
On average between the 4 teams after Aug 15 attendance rose on average by 6779. The only team that saw a decline after Aug 15 was Winnipeg but it was only an average of 118 fans so pretty even there. Calgary was pretty much on par with Winnipeg but the biggest gains were in Edmonton and Regina and neither one of them made the playoffs. Edmonton was up roughly 6,000 per game and Regina was up roughly 8,000 per game.


You had said late August/Labour Day so I was talking about after Labour Day, when attendance peaks. I’m pretty sure attendance is also lower in the summer. I’m also not sure if your numbers are just for this year. Obviously it would have to be looked at over time to reduce variables such as a team improving in any given year.

Winnipeg had pretty good attendance this year including at least two sellouts, but I know it got worse as it got colder and not selling out the WF is no doubt directly because of the weather.

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Sorry Jon, I thought you were saying attendance was higher in the summer. I guess I say labor day as it’s back to school and attention turns to fall/winter activities.
My numbers were just for 2022 season. The way the schedule was this year Aug 15 seemed to be pretty well mid season for most teams so I arbitrarily pulled that date out of space. LOL

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A couple of points after skimming through a lot of these comments:

If CFL does move the Grey Cup to Saturday they could still pair up with the Vanier on Friday night. The 2012 Vanier Cup was at Skydome on a Friday night ( think it was Friday in BC Place as well in 2011) and is probably still the highest attended ever, something like 37000 - mind you it was McMaster vs Laval so lots of Hamilton fans made the trek, with a good contingent from Laval.

As much as I’d like to see CFL have more of a partnership with U Sports, their primary goal is to look after their own interests. And the people at the university level decided some years ago to sell TV rights to Sportsnet, who promptly buried their product and relegated it to a couple of playoff games and the Vanier Cup after it had gained a lot of traction in the years leading up to this. That was a huge setback and the people in charge of U Sports should be held partly accountable, that has nothing to do with the way the CFL operates.

The CFL needs to get its own business in order. If moving some playoff games to Saturdays gives them more exposure and less NFL competition, I’m all for it. They already play on Saturdays through the season. I’m ambivalent about moving the Grey Cup game as I think there are a lot of pros and cons either way. It’s a big enough event to be on Sunday and you’d potentially cut into festivities by moving it - though fans travelling to the host city would probably go a day earlier and return on the Sunday instead of flying out on Friday and return Monday. You’d be up against NHL on Saturday instead of the Sunday NFL evening game, but Saturday would get more people out to sports bars or likely have more people hosting parties at home than on a Sunday night. I wouldn’t be against trying this out for a couple of years to see how it works out.


My name is nobody.

aww no, dont put yourself down like that.

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Why does Atlantic not have a team yet wtf cfl priorities are out to lunch. Make this happen already! Couldn’t be any worse than another grey cup in Regina that is short on accomadations and transportation!

I agree that the CFL should be more active in finding an expansion team, but I think they should artificially create competition between other cities. If they want to make us wait, they should at least entertain us in the meantime. Lots of bots can be programmed to say things on social media etc.