State of the League Address 2022

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They tried that back in 2008.

Didn't quite work well last time.

Hopefully he knows what he is doing.

killing the college game at the same time ..

Might as well fold this thing up it means nothing it's not Canadian it's a NFL subservient piece of dribble

it doesn't understand the grassroots part and never will .

This decision is Bell Driven to cater to the NFL.

MBT is right to question the CFL's leadership.


I will say it Again

suspend the Argos and along with that MLSE's and Bell's (TSN) stranglehold on the CFL .

This is not going to get any better .

Just revoke the franchise from MLSE and run the team until an actual caring owner comes along.

And some people think that Cohon had no vision.


No, big mistake, keep it on Sunday s. Nobody cares about the nfl in Canada, we have no teams here why would anyone give a rats a….

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I’m all for this move. There is zero harm in trying this. Ratings have been dive bombing the way it is for some time now and as a result we are nearing Einstein’s definition of insanity. Statements such as “we have always done it this way..” are vacuous and devoid of reason.

I would in fact like the GC moved to a Saturday if they continue to insist on playing it in the winter or preferably on Thanksgiving Sunday. For years the NFL has had their first two weeks of playoff games split between Saturday and Sunday. The second week of games is the best week of NFL playoffs in the opinion of many.


Fans in Canada do follow both leagues.

Bell moved the lesser league to accommodate those fans.

Who cares about U Sports and amateur football.

It's not like they are better than those American NCAA players is the message tg the CFL is sending by that boneheaded move.

Even though we have no NFL teams in Canada, the TV ratings suggest that people in Canada do care about the NFL. Although personally I would always watch a CFL playoff game over a regular season NFL game, I don’t think that is the case for many and especially for more casual fans.


Casual fans are known to be flakey at times.

They have to be in a Emo mood for enjoyment.

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CFL sucks .

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The League and players don't suck.

It's the people running the league that suck.


The league has no soul it's a joke .

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No one's forcing you to follow it or to participate in this forum.


If you don't like it don't read it .

I can comment all I want .

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Another randy. Slambrosie idea, Kill the cfl .


A league can’t have a soul. It’s not a Blues artist.


I have no issue with Saturday playoff games.

I do think they would need to stay with 1pm and 4:30 pm EST starts. Going prime time against HNIC won't do work IMO.