State of the Franchise: Ticats

Yup, that’s a good news for the football development. Pointing it out in the opening minutes of the call sure sound like some lobbying designed to induce McMaster’s prodige, Jesse Lumsden, place is in Hamilton. I sure doubt that frightens Higgins nor Shriver.

The public relation twist aside, that sure sounds like a way to say : « We still gotta get rid of some guys who hold us back. » Would I be a general manager, I’d be very suspicious when Marshall call me to propose a trade. Not like anyone wants someone else’s problems.

No kidding. Wouldn’t the opposite be funny?

Canadian wide receivers rarely get a big role in teams offence, and there are no offensive linemen in the draft ready to play this year (there was Kazcur, but being a 3rd rounder in the NFL’s he won’t be back… especially since he’s been taken by a team known for taking good care of its draft picks) So the Ticats will have to face 2005 without any draftee in the starting roster.

Was that a message to ever losing Feterik and Paopao? :wink:

Asking about the learning curve seems like a weird question when directed to the reigning coach of the year.

… though it might change the application of that philosophy. You can’t replace two Dodge Rams by two Honda Civic and expect the same results.

Didn’t they start 2004 season with three victories? The only thing I remember that fell in place following that strong start was the Ticats in the standings. At least, the overall goal seems reasonable. I’m glad Marshall didn’t say a word about the Grey Cup yet.

« There is no garanteed starting spot at any position… but we put forth over a quarter of a million bucks to bring in the Flutie bros! » It’s a great thing that CFL teams are so rich they can afford to bench their highest salarymen. Marshall must have watch too many Lions games.