State of the Franchise - Kick Off Bash Video Recap

For all those in attendance or could not make the event click here to view the video.

Thanks Kevin..

I know that for those of us who were unable to attend the bash, the video is the next best thing.
Very much appreciated.

Did Bob Young say anything else about a new stadium?

He past the Topic over to Scott Mitchell
Who did an Informal Poll..

Who Wanted a New Stadium
Who did not not

There where more people who want to save IWS.

Mr Mitchell Said they Contiune to Study
This Topic and work with The City.

Click here to read the transcript of the question and answer period from the Kick-Off Bash.

Good and interesting questions and answers.

Hopefully, the stadiums across the CFL that need upgrading will get the Government co-operation needed. Its always a fine line.
Sports gives a city more exposure then anything else IMO. I would think more people across North America know about Hamilton because of the Tiger Cats than anything else.

Yes! :rockin: Now explain that to City hall. :rockin:

Might be known for steel but the Ticats work too.