State of the Franchise first question!

The first question should be, "Why has nothing been done to lock up Nick Setta to a long term contract?" All the things I have heard from him, that he loves it here and would like to stay. What gives?????

How do you know that nothing's been done?

All we know is there's been no announcement, unless your privy to some inside info the rest of us aren't.

It's not just a matter of tossing a contract at him and telling him to sign it.

I think Nick will Play out his Option..
Why Else did we trade for a Kicker..

Didn't I just read an article recently that Setta had verbally committed himself to staying here?........he sounded very happy here so perhaps other contracts are of a more urgent nature right now.....or was it that he wasn't going to test the NFL this year......I can't recall exactly how he said it........

At any rate, he's been a good find and seems to fit well into the community at large.

I think he has the potential, if he chooses to stay long term, to be up there with the Ticat greats like Fraser, Ruoff and Ozzie one day. Zuger, Sutherin and Coffey were no slouches either.

i think i can answer this question,pertaining to setta and an extension.
what this comes down to is not many teams employ an american kicker if they don't have to. the guy that was "in charge" before obie thought it was necessary
to change the ratio and get rid of an eventual grey cup winning kicker-another example of changing for the sake of change. i've got nothing against nick but you really shouldn't be changing the ratio for a kicker and a stinkin' fullback. obie's bringing in a cdn. kicker to make sure that they've looked into all cdn. kicker possibilities before he signs setta.
what you're seeing now is a smart,experienced gm making an attempt to correct the mistakes of the bizarro gm-not smart,nor experienced.
hopefully ticat fans will experience what happens when a real smart man- who doesn't let his ego get in the way like others in the recent past who will remain nameless(place subliminal message here-little general) and a guy who had no business running a football team, can do when he knows what he's doing.

city legend

So Nick and his agent get the idea that the Cats
aren't willing to pay Nick the money they're asking for.

Right now, Nick and his agent are probably asking for
more money than the team wants to pay him .

Wow ! I am glad you like Obilovich but to sling mud at Desjardins the way you are is so low. Most of you are all giddy havin drafted Giguere and Barker and seeing Printers coming to Camp all that was made possible by your bizzaro you say.

Kicking is probably the second most important position after QB and there is nothing that says that using an import as a kicker is a bad thing. You can play a NI kicker if you want but the only shinning part of the Cats team last season was the kicking of Nick Setta and the rushing of Lumsden (a couple games). So to take a step back in your kicking game to take a step up on your pass coverage or rush does not improve the team in any way.

I really hope the Ticats do well this year but if they do it will be a lot more because the young players have taken a step forward with increased experience then a GM tweaking with the ratio.

I have to ask. If the team sucsass again this year, who will the fans go after ? I'm thinking the coach, this will buy your new GM another year for the kids to grow... :slight_smile:

We traded for a starting DB, the kicker was a throw in.

You may Believe that I don't

The team only gets better through competition at every position. If the Cat's latest guy is better than Setta, it obviously benefits the team. Even if the new guy is good but not quite as good as Setta, he might make it because as a NI, he allows the team to use the import spot at a position that needs more upgrading.

The team doesn't owe Setta a thing. He was paid for services rendered last year. If he makes the team, he will be paid for his services again. End of story.

An Argo-Cat fan

With the position of kicker being the second most important on a football team, it leaves me wondering if any of our other players have kicking talent.

If the answer is "NO," this could be the reason for acquiring a Canadian kicker.

Also, I realize that Setta is giving off vibes of being very happy here, but he would be foolish not to jump at an NFL contract.

If he hasn't already thought about this, (which I doubt) he will.

To be sure, Obie is aware of Setta's outstanding talent and realizes he could be history soon.

the kicker is not the 2nd most important, not even in the top 10. I would rather have a good left tackle any day over a good kicker. good left tackles lead to touch downs, good kickers lead to field goals.

A good punter can control a football game, especially in bad weather.

Zuger's heroics in the Wind Bowl ('65 G.C.) and in many other bad weather games, Hank Illesic in Edmonton in November and the king: Bob Cameron kicking against a Prairie wind -- or any wind, for that matter! Punters have a huge impact on field position in the Canadian game where proper punt placement is vital re the wider field and those three guys were gold!

Kickers? When it counts, you better have a guy who can deliver. They can win or lose you a couple of games a year.

Position players are generally more important because they have more reps to make an impact. Nevertheless, I don't think there is a team in professional football that wouldn't want to suit up an Adam Vinatieri or Lui Passaglia and line up for a championship kick.

Oski Wee Wee,

Thanks, Russ. You saved me a lengthy post.

Oskie wee wee !

Let me see if I understand your point: Desjardins made it possible for us to pick 1st and 8th in the draft ... by enabling us to finish dead last??

if the offence succeeds in the first place there is no need for a good punter. Nick is great, and he is a pleasure to have on the team, but if we had the opportunity to give him up for a franchise left tackle i would do it in a second.

Desjardins signed Printers

Desjardins held on to his draft picks instead of getting immediate help. In fact losing his job in the process.

Desjardins took over a team that won 2 games, however sanitizing it is for management and fans to try and blame him for last years poor performance. The blame rests with Bob Young (admited himself) for failing to identify a direction and individuals with required experience, contacts and talent since he purchased the franchise. You can blame Desjardins all you want if it provides a "therapeutic" effect but the fact remains is that he took over a lousy team and despite all the bravado by Obilovitch the Ticats are going in to 2008 with the same:

Head Coach


Draft Picks

That Desjardins provided or protected. But hey as long as you buy tickets that is all that counts


Every team needs a good punter. There's no quibbling on that, frankly. The margin of error on that point when you consider the impact of punt returning in the CFL is immense. Since Ozzie left and until Setta arrived, the Cats had the Currie-Boreham-Fleming experience...ugh.

Good offenses need field position to be big in the clutch. A-B-C stuff. A punter with a good net average can save dozens of yards in blown coverages, shanks, etc. etc. just by good punt placement and effective technique. I'm not even looking at those with premium (gross) punting averages. Keeping the ball away from Gizmo Williams, Earl Winfield, and Pinball was vital for their opponent's offenses not to have to deal with a football field's worth of field position lost by the end of a ball game.

Re Setta for the dream left might be able to do that in a Madden game or a fantasy pool with a sufficiently liquored accomplice to make a trade like that, but...LOL

In the CFL world right now, here are the East and West all-stars at tackle (other "franchise" left tackles can be discussed as well, this list is fairly comprehensive re the use of that label in this league):

T Alexandre Gauthier WPG
T Dan Goodspeed WPG
T Rob Murphy BC
T Gene Makowsky SSK

All four have played left tackle -- Goodspeed shifted to right tackle for the Bombers once Gauthier was acquired from the Stamps. Next question: which GM of this group would actually trade one of these guys for Setta, who may very well play out his option anyway and head south?

Taman needs a kicker. But that badly? Goodspeed re-upped, after all.

Tillman? Makowsky is getting long in the tooth, but he already has a decent kicking tandem in place (both Canadians). His draft of J-F Morin-Roberge might solidify the tackle position down the road.

Would Wally trade Murphy for Setta? He just traded us a kicker, so McCallum isn't going anywhere unless the Lions find their guy, emphasis on the word FIND.

Setta as trade bait sounds interesting if there was a clear market for an import kicker or if somehow the Cats had extra oomph on the roster and could use Setta as part of a multiple-player deal.

Facts are that a 3-15 team isn't going to get a "franchise" left tackle in this league via trade (and for me Murphy would be that guy) unless it parts with a minimum of one collective left grapefruit.

Woodard is an issue, IMHO. Frustratingly so because he has played well in the past, but his 2007 season was sub-par for him. I really hope he can rise to the occasion at camp and earn his spot once again. There is little room for error as there's 450,000-plus reasons for him to pass block well for the next few years. LOL

The issue is not either/or re a stud at left tackle and having a good punter/kicker situation. You need to have solid production at both to be a success, year in and year out.

Oski Wee Wee,

Let me see if I understand your point: Desjardins made it possible for us to pick 1st and 8th in the draft ... by enabling us to finish dead last??
To ALL the Desjardins HATERS :

For the record, Desjardins INHERITED one of the WORST Professional Sports Organizations on the CONTINENT.

Despite what some say, upon his departure he left a team that was WELL on its way to RESPECTABILITY, and was ALREADY COMPETING on the field.

Just a cursory look at the current roster, and the PROJECTED one, shows that Desjardins MUST have done somethings RIGHT cuz O'Billovich has done VERY LITTLE to change the CORE of it.

Desjardins did such an EXCELLENT job, that MOST of the geniuses around this place could even SPOT the teams' weaknesses and holes that required filling.

With a little PATCH job by O'Bilovich this team will CONTINUE to IMPROVE along the TRAJECORY set by his predecessor.

I can GUARANTEE that O'Billovich APPRECIATES the job Desjardins did MORE than ANY of you can IMAGINE.

If you APPLIED the same STANDARDS to O'Billovich that you all applied to Desjardins, then he can be considered nothing less than a COLLOSSAL FAILURE if this club does NOT WIN the Grey Cup this season.

What ? A little UNREALISTIC you say ?

Then what in the @#$@ !!! did you all expect from Desjardins !!???


I agree Mean ..... Dejardins drafted well and we have a very strong O line because of him .

He also engineered the signing of Printers and you can bet Obie is leaning on him BIG TIME !!! Cause if he doesnt play well the experts on here will be asking for Obie to be fired .