State of the Esks

I'm an Als fan, but don't shoot me for posting in this section. :slight_smile:

Your Esks are on the decline, as far as I'm concerned. Let's review.

aging receiver corps
no proven RB to replace Pringle (Mills is too old to be the no. 1)
an average O-line
a weak D-line with little or no pass rush
a good linebacking corps (strengthened) Kelly Wiltshire)
a decent secondary (decent thanks to your acquisition of Davis Sanchez)

I think Macioca dropped the ball. Sure, you can raid our secondary for quick fixes to immediate problems, but your pass rush is still suspect. And without a good pass rush, even the best secondary in the world will eventually get beat: if you can’t put pressure on the quarterback, he’ll stand in the pocket and pick your defense apart.

To me, the preeminent team in the West is B.C., not Edmonton. And Calgary looks to be a whole lot improved this year. Frankly, if the Esks make it past the division finals this year I’ll be very surprised.

Now, I’m not trying to start trouble. This is a legitimate discussion. If you disagree with what I’ve said, tell me why.

RB hugh has something up his sleeve last year we brought in Mitchel days before training camp you wait they will announce something in the next few weeks .

O-line we brought Beaton a provin O line man who never missed a game in six years with us out of retirement get some experience "procedure calls killed us last year"

D-line we dug up some "Dirt" Dennis Winston new D line coach As the defencive line coach in 2003, Winston coached senior Frank Ofili to a second-team All-MAC season. Overall, UT ranked seventh in total defence (388.2), fifth in rushing defence (150.1) and third in turnover margin (+11) in the league.

In 2002, Winston coached a pair of first-team All-MAC linebackers, Tom Ward and David Gardner, as the Rockets made their second straight bowl appearance. Ward led the league in tackles and Gardner was fourth. We also play a direrent dfence and dont need to blitz on every play

In his first season with the Rockets, Winston helped guide the Rocket `D' to a No. 2 ranking in the Mid-American Conference in 2001 in rushing yards allowed (105.6), second in total defence (321.8) and third in scoring defence (25.5). Ward finished second in the MAC in tackles that season.

Q we got Kalahari good insurance policy but not a starter

D Secondary Sanchez and Wilshire both great players hope Hervey don't hit him with his helmet

Receivers we still have the same great core but we added some young talent with Deitan Dubuc originally a first round pick who ran south he was also a big ten all star for Michigan.

Danny Maciocia led Canada to its first gold medal since 2000 at the NFL Global Junior Championship second time Canada has ever won. I think he will do fine
but Lancaster still has a ? over his head in my mind.

better hope anthony stays healthey you seen how the team folded when he went down in the eastern final

Disciplinedandpunished, I also am an Als fan, but I have to disagree with you. The Eskimos are still a threat. They have no proven running back yet, but I'm pretty sure Hughie will buy one someplace. He's not the kind to let youngsters develop on his team.

Beside that, I hate Jason Maas. I don't think he's a Grey Cup QB. He's a fraud. The only reason why he had good stats sometimes last year was because he's got amazing receivers who can pick-up bad throws. But its fine with me if the Esks want him as their pivot.

Other than that, the Esks are a well-greased machine. I see them finishing 2nd in the West behind the Lions (because you always do an extra effort to beat the teams you hate and a lot of teams hate the Eskimos, whereas BC can be feared but is rarely hated).

In my opinion, the Stampeders did the "patching job". They improved on paper, but I'll wait to see how all these additions come together before I call it a good job. I believe Jeremaine Copeland will be neutralized by the fact he's the only good WR on their team. Its easy to double-cover one team's superstar when the other receivers aren't threats. I wouldn't be surprized to see Nik Lewis finish the year with more receptions that Copeland because he'll always have two DBs handcuffed to him. And if he's covered as I think he will be, look for him to get frustrated, angered, and therefore, less efficient.

Now that I think of it, I'm eager to see the Esks take on the Stamps. Davis Sanchez covering Jeremaine Copeland will definately be something to watch.

When are the two teams meeting?

The Esks "aging" recievers are pretty good and with 2 proven quaterbacks we aren't one injury away from having our team fall apart. I'd say Montreal is the team that will be on the decline

Sure, Calvillo is our bread and butter, but we are grooming Eli Robertson to be the future. What is Edmonton doing for the team's future? Khari Jones is a great backup but has maybe three years of football left in him. Tucker and Vaughn are getting up there in age. Mills has one year left as a running back. This is why I see the team declining.

In any case, I'm not saying Edmonton is going to finish out of the playoffs this year or post a losing record. The organization has a tradition of winning and always finds ways to get it done. But B.C. is the bigger threat in my mind. My Als may no longer be Beasts of the East, but Esks are no longer the Best of the West.

maybe not, but the esk do have alot of potential good players comin up..

brock ralph...did he go down south.
mike bradley...he's canadian thats a double
reggie white...he'll see some action this year
rahim old is he?
glen carson...he'll improve

and the receivers are not that old, they did alot better than most other receivers. sure there not gettin any younger, but when they lose a step there still awesome, they have presense, and they got experience

Some interesting and enlightening points of view. To be sure the Esks are no longer the "Best in The West". That distinction belongs to B.C., for the time being at least.

Since the time of your post, Disciplineand punish, several interesting things have happened. Thought I might add my two cents.

On the offensive line, unfortunately, Tim Prinsen has retired and Dan Comiskey has been traded (family issues). Joe McGrath should be ready to step in and start and Bruce Beaton has come back out of retirement. They need to replace Prinsen at center, even with an import if necessary although a Canadian would be better.

The top rumour/story in the paper this week has Terry Vaughn going to the Renegades. Apparently the deal is all but done with the Esks supposedly getting draft picks. I would hope that would allow us to get Ottawa's selection in the draft this year and pick up another Canadian lineman. The other scenario of course would be to pry a Canadian OL from the Gades for Vaughn. Perhaps all this is wishfull thinking, but we will see.

As for the Defense, we now have Joe Montford at rush end. He gives us a legimate threat on every play. As for the talk of him being over the hill, I will wait and see. He is a personal trainer away from football and was selected defensive player of the year in 98, 00 and 01. We have also added Kelly Wiltshire and Davis Sanchez in spots where we previously used imports. I would think this move will allow us the luxury to bring in an import on the OL if necessary.

As far as recievers go, well Ed Hervey is still a huge deep threat, possibly the fastest in the CFL and Mitchell and Tucker are both proven all-stars. Although it would be sad to see Vaughn moved, this will give more touchs to the other three. Brock Ralph did sign south of the border with the N.Y. Jets, but Canadian Andrew Nowacki needs playing time to show whether or not he can live up to his billing. All in all, I think we will be fine at reciever.

Lastly, the offensive backfield. Personally I thought we struggled there last year as well. Mike Pringle was a great back in his prime, but in the last couple years has lacked the speed to take it outside. A lot of his yardage last year came in the third and fourth quarters as defences began to tire. The two kids we have right now are both said to have tons of speed and ability, but I think the jury is still out until we see them in game action and see what they can do. I am really hoping that they brought Canadian Dietan Dubec in to play fullback. He played tight end in college so obviously has hands and did play fullback in high school. If they can convert Bertrand to FB, they sure as heck can move Dubec back there. Mike Bradley will still be around as back up, but not sure he is consistent enough to start.

Jason Maas. He is not my all time favorite either, but he has put up the numbers in the past and certainly is a competitor. My only knock is that he does not seem to be able to get over the hump and win the big game. I have never been a fan of Khari Jones and could care less if he is here, except that he gives a #2 that has at least played in the league.

I think we will be right in the thick of things barring major injuries. I do agree that our running game and offensive line remain somewhat of a question mark at this point, but I think the defense will be much improved.

I am a huge die hard Eskimos fan so please don't make me talk about our coaching staff. It's depressing right now. I'm hoping that I will have to eat my words on this, but that's the only way to describe that right now.

Yeah BC is the best in the west right now along with toronto in the east, they played in the GC. We have a huge prospect at QB in Jason Johnson who was found by Paul Jones who also found Ricky Ray.

The esks are gunna be better than ever this year.... we shall start with the secondary: the esks have picked up sanchez one of the best corners teamed with frank the leadining interceptor from last year. then at halfback the esks have donny brady and shannon garrett both great physical defenders. Finally the esks added loftus who is an above avergae saftey. i give the secondary a B+. There linebackers are very atheltic this year with mobley and whiltshire who they picked up from ottawa. add AJ gass and robert grant into the mix they have one of the more talented linebacking cores in the league. I give the Linebackers an A. I agree that the pass rush of the esks is a little suspect but adding montford will help with that plus adding there new D-lin coach. The offense still has tucker and hervey who are lighting quick and mitchell who gets the big TDs. Then at qb mass who i think is better at the cfl game than ray who tended to throw alot of safe short passes. The esks bolstered there o-line with beaton returning and the signing of annuiziata from toronto and fianlly i am sure one of the runningbacks will rise up and gather 70ish yards a game just like BCs antonio warren. any way tell em wut you think

not sure Jason Johnson is what I would call a huge prospect, but I am interested to see him in game action

After everything is said and doen the Eskies will be at the usual position, at the top of the west looking down. the “D” looks great and the offence is falling into plays.

sorry had a brain fart, must be because I live in Airdrie and surrounded by stamp fans. I ment place not plays

Hmmmm... let's see. Some things have changed

aging receiver corps - Mitchell and Hervey are 33 and 32, but Tucker was our best receiver last year and he is still 28, and the signing of Dubuc brings in a good Jason Clermon-type of Canadian receiver to things. (Plus Vaughn's trade to Montreal just aged their receivers, didn't it!)

no proven RB to replace Pringle - true. This has me a bit worried, but decent running backs are a dime a dozen in the US, and it's not as difficult a position to fill as say, QB.

an average O-line - two guys are out, replaced by two all-stars in Beaton and Annunziata. Plus, the Esks can (and have already) sign a couple of import O-linemen to fill in any weaknesses because we have a greater depth of Canadian talent this year.

a weak D-line with little or no pass rush - I thought the Esks' D-line was pretty good last year, but Montford still has a couple years of terror left in him, and the Esks have a new D-line coach.

a good linebacking corps (strengthened) Kelly Wiltshire) - yup. They added a lot of depth here.

a decent secondary (decent thanks to your acquisition of Davis Sanchez) - plus the defensive back acquired in the Terry Vaughn trade. The Esks' defense has improved and added depth at all positions.

Overall, the offense won't be better than it was last year, but the defense will. I think the Esks' defense was the real weakness last year, because when your QB throws for over 5000 yards, the team should do better than 9-9.

We'll see. I'm pumped for this year.

Had to write a quick update to my last post on this thread. The Esks have signed about 10 more players since the last one.

I still think they could look at Dubec as a fullback, but certainly won't rule out them using him in the slot. I don't know if he has the speed to play outside.

I agree the defense will be much improved and because of the non import additions on defense they may still have the luxury to use an import on the OL. With the changes made to the OL I see it being at least as good as last years (probably better though) and I wasn't that happy with last years but if your QB can throw for 5000 yards behind an adequate one, think what will happen when he has more time to throw.

As far as the recieving corps aging, I don't think that Mitchell and Hervey are past their prime at all. I would suspect that Hervey had not been locked up by Hugh after that bad joke that he played on Ottawa, that there would have been several teams in the bidding and the same goes for Mitchell. The Vaughn trade will make room for Nowacki or Robinson to get a lot more playing time.

Running back is an interesting situation isn't it? They say they have 5 guys in camp to compete for the job including Mike Bradley who we know will be here because of special teams and he is Canadian. the others all have NFL on their resume, particularly Elvis Joseph. If he can live up to his billing he should nab the starting spot I would think. They say he made the team and played (not just practice roster) the last three years in Jacksonville. John Avery was in a similar situation when he came here 3 years ago, no?

Anyway, I really do think the Esks will be stronger this year than last year. Still concerned about the coaching staff but will wait and see what happens.

It’s funny that the one thing you really think is bad on the esks is turning out to be one of their strongest spots, we have no pass rush huh? and our d-line is weak? aging receivers? It’s seems to me most of the people who make posts like that only post a bunch of cliches that is said generally about every sport. So, your whole part about " esks have no pass rush so even the best secondary will get beat " is pretty much diffused with the esks first two games, you listed a bunch of other reasons but did not explain them, look at 4 of the Esks receivers: Hervey,Kelley,Tucker,Gaylor, Your right they are " aging " , but you have two of the top receivers in the CFL there, Hervey and Tucker, and arguements can be made for Kelley and Gaylor is a very solid and only getting better receiver. One of your reasons we are on the decline is because we have a good linebacking core, and added Wiltshire, That’s a reason??? please explain that, plus having AJ GASS back there, ya please tell me your reasoning for that, decent secondary? i think it’s better than that, Frank and Sanchez are two of the best the league has to offer, the only points i some-what agree with are about the esks running game, and o-line, Our O-line isnt great, but it sure does get the job done, look at all the points the esks put on the board, and i think Bradley will emerge as a star. I don’t want to cause a arguement either, but don’t post that about my esks and not explain it.


GoEsksGo that D&P posted this in early april I doubt he even remembers saying this.......

lol yeah kinda realized it after the post... my bad!

Rahim Abdullah’s with the Stamps now buddy