State of the CFL QB's

It's time for some new blood at the QB spot. I love what Cato and Harris are doing and would love to see what Franklin can do full time.

IMO, Cato is going to do something very special, if he stays healthy.

Welcome to the forum.

4 new threads in one morning?

Got a lot on your mind? :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, how long have you been watching the CFL in Detroit?
You seem to be in tune with what is going on here.
And how did you choose the Alouettes as your team (nothing wrong with that, again just curious.)

Growing up next to Windsor we were able to pickup CBET (channel 9) where CFL on CBC ran weekly. And the fact we have some really bad football in our area (Detroit Lions) contributed. So essentially, the CFL is in my blood, I love the game. I like Montreal because they seem like a prideful organization that wants to win and I'm a big Cato fan.

I'm assuming from his NCAA days?

Lions, prideful? Does anyone else see the pun or am I deranged? (don't answer that)

Seriously, great to see fans from the States. Welcome to the forum from a RedBlacks fan in Ottawa.