State of the CFL address

I wanted to attend the commissioner of state of the CFL address on Thursday
But it's just the register for it and I can't find a spot to register

There's "click here" section... oh! I see there is no clickable spot to rsvp! I sent then an email...

Before ClosetCat's post, I was guessing the event had be cancelled, as redundant, with the state of the league made so obvious through its Friday afternoon statement regarding Argo players attending the Raptors' game. :laughing:


I'll let you know when I get an e-mail response. It should be a good opportunity to ask important questions about RTPs!

I wonder if they will make sure the public Q and A is more vetted with this state of the league .

The questions will be more softballs considering all the issues built up over 2 years or they will make sure the commish has a some standard answers for all/any tough one's they know are coming his way .

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I was wondering that as well. But there are ways to ask questions so that they don't feel threatened....

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Argo fans :
"Comissioner, last Sunday represented an attack on our society's moral fabric and threatened the very heart of our league and professional sport in Canada, perhaps the world.
Should Hamilton be stripped of first round drafts picks for 10 years ? I'll wait for your answer but I also have a follow up question."


Not bad, Snugs!

I also left a phone message, but they're only answering between 9am and 5pm.

Me as well

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Ha, ha! Let's see if they respond to us, make a change on the site, or do nothing!

I think I read that the RSVP option for this event was closed but people could still show up and would be admitted until capacity is reached.

Selective entry I'm sure. Like (Say it ain't so) Bobo82 showing up in his monkey suit!

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Hey don't you worry I'll be there in all my glory just to tell Randy that's he number #1 in my books . :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :fu:


Love it, Bo! Wait! Was that finger for me too?????

:rofl: Only if your name is Randy !!! :rofl:

Okay I got email staying I don't need to register now
just show up with Covid info and License and I can go in

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Just got mine too - see below:

RSVP's closed, but please come by for the state of the league! This is not a ticketed event. Just show up to the HCC with proof of double vaccination and a piece of government id, and you will be able to attend.

Think you’ll have a hard time finding that, or at least a good one


Their typo, not mine. But I think it must have been the auto-fix monster! :slight_smile: