State of the Bills: 44% increase S. Ontario season tickets

Brandon reaffirmed the team's commitment to playing games in Toronto, stating their season-ticket base from Southern Ontario has grown 44 percent since the Bills started playing games there in 2008. The Bills are making $78 million off the series, which runs through 2012. Brandon suggested the Bills would be interested in extending after it expires.

For sure they would be interested in extending the series with the money Rogers forked over, they'd be stupid not to extend it. If Rogers is interested, it will be interesting to see what they pay next time around.

The won't be paying $78 million and I doubt they'll want the Pre-season games either.

I see the rumour mill is on with the Sabres new owner possibly being interested in buying the Bills when they go on the auction block.

A Vote For Terry Pegula As Next Bills Owner

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Erie County NY sucks even more considering the above fact.

As if it is worthy of consideration to continue to tax people all the same for stuff like this in an area that is severely depressed economically just as it has been for decades? :roll:

I was happy to give away this part of New York to Canada as part of the land trade with C-Way still caught up in bureaucracy:


Interesting Paolo. Here's another article discussing it and one fan's comment which I thought was funny.

Lockout or no lockout, county pays the Bills


GOODBYE BILLS, HELLO TORONTO LOONIES ! (New Team Name For The Former Buffalo Bills if they move).
I wonder if they could pull this off in Canada

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