State of CFL Stadiums

An interesting report from TSN regarding the state of CFL Stadiums. Apparently well-over a half billion dollars has to be invested to upgrade/maintain CFL Stadiums.

Read away and since I don't see many polls on this site anymore, leave your thoughts too!

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Here is the whole article available from the Globe & Mail:

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Are there any specifics about Hamilton’s new stadium plan? I know the pres has been complaining, but have they ever come up with anything concrete? A real plan?

John Kernaghan wrote a story in the Spec about a stadium in Zurich that might be part of the Pan Am games effort.

Looks like a nice multi-purpose facility but as built, seats are a MILE away from the action given the track that will be needed for the games

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So WE may need to make some choices about the quality of our seating. Reminds me a bit of the changes that Eskimo fans had to make when going from Clarke Stadium to Commonwealth...

Thanks for the articles derub. I think that the next 5-10 years will be crucial to the league with the stadiums but things are looking very rosy potentially as the articles suggest. The CFL, while not a huge league with 25-30 teams like some others, is an important fabric to the Canadian communities that have teams and is a league well worth saving I think. Also important to the overall cultural fabric of Canada as well. I love it to be honest.

I don't care whether they build a new stadium. I don't care where it is. PLease do not put a track around the outside. What makes Hamilton so special if you ask anyone who has been there is the intimacy. U feel like you are apart of the game. I understand the reasons for multy purpose facilities but... just don't change it to much please!

I hate tracks but that is probably the only way to get some government money for new stadiums since track events are more amateur events usually and governments are less and less funding strictly pro stadiums with that purpose right off the bat. But with new engineering techniques, I'm sure they can reduce the effects tracks have on an eventual football usage of the stadium.

We're asking the government to shell out for a new stadium once every 75 years, I don't think it's unreasonable to build a football-only stadium.

Plus, why do we need a track? I don't hear of any track events that want to come to town. We've tried to get the Commonwealth Games and other such events to come here, but we've had no luck winning those bids.

Enough talk about putting in a silly track. Just build a brand new football-only stadium.

The City will want more use out of it the just football.
They'll want a Track..
if you don't want track best to say where we are

Montreal has wasted enough tax payer money already on the Big O and you can be sure they won't up anything for another stadium.

The Als are stuck at the O if they want another venue.

We don't need a track@! Who would use it?!!!

I read the Globe and Mail piece on the stadiums.There has been a reluctance across the country to build new CFL stadiums. Probably because of the short season.
I can't see a new stadium in Hamilton any time soon. But whether they renovate Ivor Wynne or build something new I hope they provide more legroom! I am 6-2 and cannot sit anymore than 15 minutes or so because of the closeness to the row in front. Very uncomfortable.
I also agree with the criticism over including a track. That would remove a lot of the enjoyment about being at Ivor Wynne.

Make the stadium multi-use, but for CFL, soccer, field hockey, concerts, plays, trade shows, and the like. NO track around the field. There is a perfectly good one at McMaster.

Too bad Ron Joyce Stadium has 6,000-seats
It cost $22 million for 6000 Seats way to Small for the CFL
A new CFL Stadium will cost 80 to 100 Million .
we could fix IWS for Less then that .
I Bit 2-4 Million would fix IWS

Did I say anything about a NEW stadium? lol

Just point out the Fixing Our home would be cheeper Sigpig

Ive heard of estimates of $50 million dollars to fix IWS. The big repair is the entire concrete slab on the south side.

Ivor Wynne is old. It's on its last legs and every year the cost to repair it seem to increasingly significantly.

Building a brand new stadium would be a much better idea. Like I said before, it's not that often that we get a new stadium here in Hamilton. It was 75 years ago or so when Ivor Wynne was built. If a new stadium costs even $200 million, but it lasts another 75 years, I think that's fairly reasonable.

It's not as though Hamilton is in the same boat as Montreal. Montreal has the Big O if the Als want to move to a bigger place. There's no reason for the different levels of government to shell out cash for a new stadium there.

I really like Sigpig's idea. Multi-purpose stadium WITHOUT a track.

Ivor Wynn Stadium is not 75 years old. The oldest part of that stadium was built in the 1960's. Lets get some proper perspective.

How about a new stadium being built a long the lines of what is being planned in Winnipeg (if that ever gets the green light). Build half a new stadium on the Brian Timmis Stadium site during the season, and when that season is over, rip down the old stadium and build the other half in time for the new season. You get a brand new stadium on the old site and in 25 years we can all complain about having to play in a 100 year old stadium :wink: .

It Still Less then New Stadium.
Plus we keep the tradition of IWS

Maybe some of the Flamborough slot money could be pumped into a new stadium? :lol: