State O The 'Cats

Just watched the Argos - Cats LDC on TSN Video Archive. Argo D toughened up nicely as the game wore on, and (minor miracle) Kerry played rather well for 3 quarters!

The Cats actually played a reasonably good game, I thought. Coaches, receivers and O Line are your three biggest problems, although the latter played somewhat better in the LDC than I thought possible. Still requires upgrading, obviously.

Personally, I'd fire (at least) your HC, OC and DC at the end of the season. Also your President. Be smart, and start looking for replacements now.

Your receiving corp still needs serious upgrading (and Miles'll be another year older)... they really don't help your QB much at all, re: route running, breaking off routes to bail out the QB, overall catching ability.

Jury still way out on O'Billovich, IMHO.

Oh, and for those who are doing their best to run Printers out of town... idiots. With a (still) bad throwing hand, QB Printers played a fine game. If you don't want him, I for one would like to see him in a Double Blue uniform.