Starting WRs

Hey guys

Just wanted to know who everyone thinks will be our four starting pass catchers this coming season?

I was thinking about it and the only three locks I see are Big Play, Davis, and Bauman

anyone been following this situation more than me? haha

also, will Mitchell make the team? I liked him a lot last year.


I also like Morant and Quinnie to make a push for starting.
These two seem a little under the radar.
Quinnie was the best reciever in the Arena League in his last season.
Morant runs a 4.4 40 and is 6'4" 220 Lbs

There will be no shortage of qualified recievers.
Ernest Jackson, Jo Jo, Mitchell, and Cohen are all coming back as CFL experienced guys.
Should make for an interesting camp, and the teams most improved area under Obie!

I see alot more of one back sets this year. This is the CFL after all, which means five pass catchers.

I would say Prechae, Bauman, Davis, Jackson, and Rempel. Then add an import and non-import to the roster to back-up. Those would be my picks. Frankly I could see Jo-Jo and Mitchell getting released.

Time will tell.

i can't see mitchell getting released, he showed flashes last year and i think he'll be one of our top reciever this season.

I see our starters being:

Bauman, Davis, Rodriguez, Mitchell, Morant

If we opt for a canadian 5th it'll be:

Bauman, Davis, Rodriguez, Morant, and Lavigne-masse

i see Prechae, Bauman, Davis, Mitchell, Quinnie.

If Gibson is allowed to follow through with his "get the ball in the hands of your playmakers" philosophy, I expect Kenton Keith to be catching a lot of passes out of the backfield...

I think we will see Prechae, Bauman, Davis, and Morant with JoJo Walker as our 5th receiver for the 3rd straight year.

I just wish they would give JoJo a chance to prove that he deserves a starting spot. He is the only receiver we have that will go over the middle and make those punishing catches.

Just a quick point - under what methodology are you pegging Quinnie as the best receiver in the AFL last year? He was 24th in receiving yards and 19th in touchdowns. Just as a point of comparison, Argos signee Kenny Higgins was 4th in TDs and Receiving Yards, and Argos signee Clennard Saintil was 6th in TDs and 12th in Receiving yards. But neither of those guys would likely be considered the best either - that would be Chris Jackson who was 2nd in both TDs and Receiving Yards. YPC is not any better for him.

He could definitely be a great player, we'll have to see in camp, but best in the AFL - I think that might be a stretch.

I just hope "JUMPBALL PRECHAE" doesn't have the dropsies like he did at the begging of last year... That goes for all the WR's actually...

We are going to see some of these young guys really step up this year, Prech will be one of the best in the league if he isn't already. Now if we can get the ball to them? :thup: :wink:

I think that the Cats are uncertain at receiver at this point. Prechae is a comer no doubt, but for him to be considered in the leagues elite, he is going to have to get better at being a 'receiver" rather than a jump ball kind of guy.

This year will be a make or break year for Bauman, Mitchell and Cohen. bauman as a NI has it pretty well in a lock, but I can't see both Cohen and Mitchell making the team. Davis looks OK, Who knows about Quinnie and Morant.....nobody really knew anything about Jamel Richardson last year and look what happened.

There are two things that I just don't understand....firstly why doesnt JOJO get a real shot....a handy multi faceted guy and one of the few Cats who never gave up last year, even in the blowout games. He HAD to be better than Woodcock, who is a great guy, but who's career ended after the 2002 Grey Cup.

The second thing is the almost "jesse-esque" love affair with Ernest Jackson. What has he shown in the 5 career catches that I certainly haven't seen?

Of course alot of this hinges on how well the QBs performed. It was difficult to guage how good any of them were cause the ticat QBs were underperforming. With Casey throwing the ball into the turf, and the backup who in truth was an RB how could throw a bit, well the receivers can't throw the ball to themselves. Things got better with Porter, and I have no reason to beleive that it won't get better this year.

By my count, the Cats 'starting' 4 will be all imports and Bauman likely the 5th coming in to replace the Canadian fullback. IMO, Prechae is the only lock. Cohen, Mitchell, Jackson, and Davis all showed flashes last year but will need to show a good measure of consistency at camp to hold onto a roster spot but the contract extension for Davis is a pretty good indication of how the staff feel about him as well. I like Morant based on his year in blue and I think he will really have something to prove after being cut.

my starting 4 right now: (short side) Rodriguez - Mitchell - Morant - (Bauman) - Davis (wide side)

Davis showed more than just a flash.

In the few games he played he was rock solid-got open and caught everything that went near him.Showed desire when the games were meaningless.

If the mini camp rec.s are as good as advertised Mitchell, Cohen and Walker are on thin ice. Quinnie as a P/K returner, Morant's size might keep him on the roster.

I don't think there is any doubt JoJo was better than Woodcock - it was strictly a ratio thing. JoJo is better than Danny Desriveaux too, but would he start for Montreal? No. That field WR is a non-import position. Let's not forget, that is where Cahoon played his rookie season so many moons ago.

Regarding JoJo getting a shot, it has to be an attitude thing. He is a very talented receiver and makes gutsy catches, but for some reason he is always on and off the roster...

The Cats' "starting" 4 will not necessarily all be imports. If so, who are your 2 "starting" Canadian defensive players and their respective back-ups?

OOPS was under the impression that JoJo was a bad! :oops:

The way I see it, the only way Jo Jo makes the team is as a kick returner. And even that is a longshot now, knowing Obie is very impressed with some of the speedster receivers who have shown up at the recent Ticat Florida FA camp. These bullet boys will no doubt get serious looks at the KR spot.

I believe JoJo has a lot more to offer the Ti-Cats than just returning kicks... He is a tough as nails receiver that never quits on a ball even if he has to lay out or get laid out to make the play. I hope these rookie speedsters have the heart and never give up attitude JoJo has they may be fast but speed doesn't make the over the middle catches for you.

If JoJo shows up to training camp and plays the way he did in last years camp I will guarantee he makes the 09 roster not only as a returner but as a receiver as well. Last years training camp JoJo was hands down the best receiver out there, and if it wasn't for an elbow injury the day before our season opener he would have started the first game.

Tabbie Tracker, As for JoJo's attitude, he is a quiet, soft spoken guy who just keeps his head up and works hard no matter what he has to deal with. I have met him personally and I can say for a fact he is a great guy and a team player.

I really hope he makes this 09 team and actually gets his chance to shine, because he will.

I thought Mitchell really showed lots of potential last year. And when Morant played with the Argos he looked decent as well. Patience is still needed with Baumun. He's worth the investment I think.

If we assume that P-Rod and Bauman will be starters, and I think that's the way to go ratio wise, then we need two starting import receivers to step up.

Out of the following group-

Johnnie Morant
Willie Quinnie
Chris Davis
Scott Mitchell
Jo Jo Walker
Eddie Cohen
Ernest jackson

Is anyone really confident that two of these guys can make a big impact. I have my doubts, and am hoping for some more signings and/or deals.