Starting WR and Slotbacks

Okay who do think has the Edge for start WR and Slots.

I am going with this

SB Ralph, Brock
SB Cavil, Kwame
WR Stubblefield, Taylor
WR Gardner, Talman
WR Morreale, Mike (on 5 and 6 Pack)
WR Maeko, Atnas ( on 6 WR Packages)

Holmes will slide in there often this year. With Lumsden handling the ball more this year they will get other game breakers (holmes)out there as much as possible

SB: Ralph
SB: Gardner
WR: Alston
WR: Newson

Backups: Witherspoon, Stubblefield, Bisaillon, Birungi.

Surprise cuts: Morreale, Cavil.

What do you guys think about bring Ray Thomas to camp…?

…if he doesn’t make the team, no foul.

But at least it’s worth a try…the guy is in great shape now and raring to go.



We already have two big Canadian receiving prospects (Maeko, Birungi) that are a lot younger and healthier than Thomas. Desjardins is not a fan of players with histories of major injury (major injury that may flare up again after one big hit). Wasn't that partially why Cotton and Cheatwood were shown the door? Therefore Thomas is not an option.

Considering Thomas has 0 career Regular Season catches its not like they would be taking a chance on a proven player that was injured.

Actually, believe you are incorrect - i think Thomas did have one or two catches in CFL reg. season for the Ticats - lined-up as a slotback - saw him play in a game in Ottawa; though I'd bet the chances of him getting another shot are slim to none.

Note - Brock Ralph is more of a wide-out than a slotback, though I guess he could end up lining up at either spot. Not sure I'd bet on even one NI in the starting main 4 for the receiving corps, but probably Ralph if there is a Canadian starter; Morreale as a back-up slot/ 5 or 6 pack guy; maybe one of Birungi or Maeko or a draft pick make the roster or PR; my guess: Cavil, Stubblefield, Alston, Gardner as the starting 4 - not sure who's at slot and who's at WR though?

Actually, believe you are incorrect - i think Thomas did have one or two catches in CFL reg. season for the Ticats - lined-up as a slotback - saw him play in a game in Ottawa; though I'd bet the chances of him getting another shot are slim to none.
IIRC He had 1 catch in the preseason, thats it.

He was use as a Blocker alot

Special teams too if memory serves....

Crash is correct in that he wasn't used much as slotback really and therefore didn't get the receptions.

He always seemed to be a jack of all trades which is always a good thing.

All in all, I thought he was a solid team player. Perhaps we will see him in camp....perhaps not. Time will tell.

That really is a horrible looking line up. So they expect a bunch of rookies to step up and dominate this league. That just never happens and if Talman was as good as everyone thinks he is Marshall would not released him and he would not have been cut from the AFL.

Maas and Butler: run while you have the chance, you have no line and no receivers, good luck.

Gardner was cut Due to an Injury
He was asked to go Practice Unit
Hoping He get into another league.

He said no.
The Ticats tried to Resign Him near end of last Season.

He Already Signed with a AFL Team.
Who Released him in March this year.
He Resigned With Us shortly after.

Last Camp he was our best WR IMO

who would you have start Drexl

actually he did have 2 catches in his first game in ottawa. after that they never tried to utilize him as a pass catcher. maybe something to do with the one dimensional play calling by baressi. but i would use Thomas as a H-back. great lead blocker and can be utilized as a te without many personal changes. if his injury is healed bring him back…he was 1st or 2nd on sp team tackles. no brainer if you ask me.

I have no idea who I'd start since none of these guys have proven a thing at the professional level and I have never seen any of the rookies we brought in play, except for Alston when he played for the Browns.

Re: Thomas.
The notion of giving players jobs because they are local,try hard and are nice to talk to never seems to go out of style around here.

lol. yeah hes a local feel good story. he went to wake forest in the acc and started 4 years then the nfl combine where only 20 te in the country were invited and signed as a free agent with the bills only to be cut after the final preseason game....comes to hamilton and leads the team on sp tackles and gives us a dynamic te fromation that an incompetent oc wouldnt throw out top it off he played hurt for the team and suffered a huge injury. instead of feeling sorry for himself he battled back to playing shape and wants to play again. there are no canadians in the draft that can bring what this kid can to the table. his pedigree speaks for itself. i for one want him to play but if he doesnt he has nothing to be ashamed of.

I still dont think he had a catch in 2004. I would love to find the game summaries.

actually he didnt. if i remember correctly he had a catch in preseason and two in 2003...i actually think that was a total of 3 times thrown too. but i said before i would consider him a fullback/tightend and crash when you have a hybrid player like that you have to design plays...then you have to throw the ball to him.

You are indeed right… he did catch 2 passes in 03, ive met my match.

Re: Formations,

You would think he would have been thrown to out of the 2TE set in 2004, they used that set quite often and didnt throw him one pass… its a shame, you DO have to get a guy like him the ball and find different ways to do it. In that set he would probably get a linebacker on him, which would have been a good matchup… but Alas… the Ticats under Marshall weren’t the most creative bunch.

I'd like to see the new coaching give Thomas a shot. This guy is big can block, hit and catch the ball, no free ride here.