Starting to wonder

Im just kinda wondering whats up here. Of all our FA's we have only 1 or 2 re-signed. Clearly theres still lots of time but i would have expected DD and a few others to be re-signed by now or at least hear of some talks. Remember the excuse they used for Roy Shivers? He was to slow in re-signing free agents... well so far this is a lot slower. Has anyone heard anything that i havent? Please share im not trying to complain just wanting to know what anyone else knows.

I was wondering the same thing. I heard Tillman had the flue last week, but come on. Figure out the numbers and get on with it. There is a lot of unsigned talent out there, and some that they are banking on being back, unless they are looking at going the 6-12 route and hoping for another collapse in the East. On the Fan AM radio this morning they were saying Winnipeg is all over Durant if he becomes free. Do the Riders not realize that Durant maybe hears the same news. If I were him I would tell Tillman to shove it and come back and talk to me in March if nothing else works out. The guy was undefeated in 3 or 4 starts and then loses his job to injury, and Bishop of all things. The defensive free agents are another wonder. It must be holiday time in Riderville. I hope the fans don't end paying for this holiday with a lot of free agent defections.

Expect that those players who will be back next season will be re-signed within the next week or so. I thought they would have been signed already as they try and sell as many season ticket packages to people to give at Christmas time or whatever.

I've heard rumblings that some may be signed already (MAY be signed), but because anything official at this point would count against this year's cap as far as bonuses and the like are concerned, no announcements will come until the new year...only rumblings, mind you...

well thats a logical explaination

Both Tillman and Durant have said Durant will be back in green. Even though the ink isn't dry, it's some of the most verbal disclosure I have ever heard over the media. If it doesn't happen, either one or both will look like story tellers.

Do you have a link toTillman saying this,i know Durant has but haven't seen anything from ET

We are going to lose some. Did you see Fred Perry say some of the Rider FAs called him and said they are bolting to Edmonton because of Richie?

bye bye Linebacking core

...I've heard similar things as austinpowers heard, Arius...I'd post a link, but doesn't exactly work for everyone... is the worst source ever..... Austin has never backed up anything by providing us a link.
We did sign Clermont We did sign Belton Johnson. So it can be done. Signing bonuses might count this year, so just don't pay the bonus til 2009. Hard to do....
Personally, I am not concerned. Yet! But we had best make Mo and Anton offers they will be hard pressed to turn down or I'll be pretty unhappy.

Ridercult, eh? Well, I'm not sure it's really necessary to resort to derogatory names and all, but I'll simply say that everything I've heard "straight from the horse's mouth" on this season has been pretty accurate...but if it makes you happy to call names, go hard...

Theres an interview on riderville where TIllman explains all of this, because Clermont is Canadian nothing counts againt the cap as he wont start getting paid till the new year or something like that.

In terms of signings this year (i.e. before the end of 2008) counting against this year the only way that would occur is if there is a signing bonus due up front. Clarmont got cut because he was due a bonus on January 1.

Some one saying they can't announce anything is bsing.

Also another point of that the league typically considers the end of the year grey cup sunday. Remember a few years ago all those teams BC, Calgary, Sask signing a number of players before the cup so the bonuses wouldn't count against the next year salary.

The story they can't announce any signings sounds like another spin by Tillman to buy time.

As I do not have a better way to describe it, I will continue to call it " I find the entire "" ethic to be absurd. Stupid. Silly. I can say lots of things about it. Derogatory isn't the first thing that springs to my mind. In this particular instance, link please. Because what is being stated makes somewhere from little sense, to no sense. In years past, we signed players. We have this year signed players. explain.

And there have been all kinds of things said on these forums, attributed to ET that I have questioned. Often they prove false, or inaccurate. remains a very questionable source. At least until someone, anyone, dares to break the "cult brotherhood" and post a link.

As I'm sure you're well aware, Arius, posting a link to riderville would prove worthless to anyone who isn't a member. It has nothing to do with a "cult brotherhood"...but keep on with the names, good sir, as it's proving quite entertaining...

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[b]How goes the battle with free agents? Are you making progress in trying to re-sign any of them?[/b] “Yeah, we have. One of the things right now that is complicated — and maybe everyone’s not aware of this — is the league rule that any contracts that are signed during the calendar year of 2008 count against the 2008 cap. Obviously, because of our injury situation, we have no cap space remaining, so we can’t sign anybody — our Americans. One of the things is the distinction in the tax laws. For Canadian players, it doesn’t matter if you get an advance on your contract or signing bonus, so in the case of Jason Clermont, we signed him but he got an advance on his contract in January. For Americans, because the tax rate is much lower, if they get a signing bonus then it has to be based on the date the contract’s signed. With Jason, we were able to sign him in December but put the payment in January. With American players, we can’t sign them until January, so I think you’ll see several announcements in the New Year. Yet, there’s going to be some change. There will be some attrition with free-agency. It’s reality. When you have a good football team and you have as many good players as we do, other people take notice. In a salary-cap era, as we’ve seen already in B.C., there’s going to be change on an annual basis.’’

If it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, and it swims like a duck, maybe its a duck?

Still sounds like some fuzzy logic to me, but whatever. Obviously, any team with cap space remaining in 2008 can sign players and give them bonuses this year that then won't count to the cap next year. There isn't some special rule and the American tax system has little to do with it. You can always carry forward cap space in that manner. It is just the way the cap works.