Starting to look like Fantuz and Chick will be back..

with all the talk and hearsay from NFL camps, it's looking more and more likely that Both Fantuz and Chick will be coming back to the Riders.

Riders don't have the rights to Chick. He could go anywhere, and I'm betting there will be more than one offer for him if he makes a move north again.

ya i know, but Chick owns a house in Regina, so i'm sure his first look will be here.

I can see him here.

If Chick is available, they better outbid everyone foe a proven player in a position that we are weak. Losing Williams and Baggs was a big hit to the team.

Fantuz is sorely missed as well.

I'm not so sure losing Williams was a huge blow. Our lb core is fine, and he is a big wage. I was pretty pissed off that he came back hiding an injury only to sit on our injured list for a paycheck.

Fantuz will be playing in the pre-se3ason game this Saturday on special teams and offence. His future will depend on his performance and how much he is included in the offensive plays. I know we all want him back but I can't but hope that he shows well in this game. Good Luck Andy!

I still don't think either will be back, but it would be a nice boost

Anyone know what happen with Fantuz last night? Did he play and how did he do? Love to see him back in Green after the break.

Boy, would that be super-awesome if those two things happen. Let's continue to hope for that big time. That would sure give this team a lift that it badly needs. Chick and Willis on the ends would do wonders for the pass rush along with our two pretty good inside guys. Would do wonders for the secondary as well. We already know what a big help Fantuz would make for DD and the offence. If Chick becomes available, Riders better pull out all the stops and get this guy, no matter what it does to the cap.

Did Andy get any playing time yesterday?

apparently he didn't play at all. someone who is trying to make the NFL won't by never playing.

Regarding Chick.

Any team interested will be forking out large $. And It seems the Riders have been on a mission to shed Cap.

He'd not only give a much needed morale boost to the team, but also the increase in merchandising

Remember we have Taman so who knows what will happen.

If he comes back to the CFL and we don't get him, similar to Stevie Baggs (we are short $15k on salary or so), or Taman doesn't even try to get him..... I can't imagine what the fan base would do. It would be scary.

It will be TOTAL REBELLION by the fan base and I wouldn't blame them at all. Let's hope for the best here.

From TSN:

Word out of Indianapolis is that former CFL defensive player of the year John Chick is having a good camp and could make the active roster if there's an injury in front of him, with a practice roster spot seeming like more than a good possibility. Chick spent all of last season the Colts practice roster which begs the question of whether he'd want to do that again or return to the CFL as an unrestricted free agent? Chick may want to play but it's hard to think of a player recently whose turned down an NFL practice roster spot for a chance to play in Canada. Under terms of the new collective agreement, players on NFL practice rosters will be paid a minimum of $96,900 with rookie salaries jumping from a minimum of $285,000 under the former agreement to $375,000 this season.

Read into all these rumours all you want.

Fact - Chick will be a FA. BC, Calgary and likely every team in the league will pursue him hard.

Fact - Both Andy and Chick might get other looks, if..........if they get realeased. Andy had workouts with 4-5 teams so just because the bears don't want him doesn't mean another team will pass him over. Same with Chick. If Chick was turning into a 3rd year NFL pro the story would be different, but he's a second year guy and still cheap enough for teams to invest a look at the guy.

Once all this comes and goes.......we're lucky if they're back in the CFL by September 16th - 20th. And they might not be in green. Stay realistic.

Just saying we can focus on the guys we have right now and hope thta they can surprise Toronto and then rest for 17 days. Alot will happen between now and then and we can only wait and see.

I agree. I think Chick is an NFLer one way or the other. I also think Andy will be on the Bears this season. That being said, IF Andy does not make the Bears, I believe he will be back. He simply has to many cards against him to walk into another team once their rosters are set and he missed their training camp and preseason.

Andy doesn't even show up on their depth chart - so I think he will be back.

Good pickup Dusty!

However, this is unofficial, and the depth chart only shows returners and kickers, not forward blockers, which is where he would be most likely used.