Starting to get worried.......

We have 6 games left. Realistically, 4 games are winable. Best case we finish 10-8. However, these games are not gimmies. It's crunch time and the Cats need to wake up!! No more of this lets get or future QB some reps...very disapointed in the releasing of Chris Davis...Currie and James have looked meek. Terry Caulley? get him in there....GEEEZ!!

I’m still going with 8 -10 this season.

Still saying 8-10 or 9-9 good for second. Winnipeg has to beat us twice before we are in trouble. Can't see that happening no matter who plays

I'm worried about the Bombers a bit, we need to win the next 2.

I can see us being beat by winnipeg twice. Toronto have beat us twice, Winnipeg just beat Toronto. Winnipeg is potentially a better team than Toronto. We should not take anything for granted here. The Ticats are not really showing signs of becoming a better team. No matter what may want to believe, we were terrible (at least in the first half) against Calgary. Brutal against Montreal. We beat BC when they were weak and Winnipeg with LeFors.

8) I will agree with your 8-10 record.
 But by no means do we have 2nd place locked up at this point.

 Our destiny is in our own hands, and whether or not we take advantage of that, remains to be seen.

 That loss in Toronto could come back to haunt us, before this season is over !!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

  Had we won that game, we would pretty well have a sure lock on 2nd place right now  !!

Agreed Tipper. The loss to Toronto could come back to haunt us big time. We now need to stop changing the lineup and go with our best players to give us the best opportunity for the home playoff game.

It's amazing the difference a week makes. This time last week people were predicting a record of 11-7, going 5-1 to close out the season and being guaranteed the home playoff game. Now people are expecting 8-10 at best and being worried about being caught by Winnipeg? People are much to quick to scream grey cup, or to panic on this board. I believe we just came out flat against the best team in the league, and I still don't believe they are 34 points better than us. I also am not afraid of Winnipeg, who all of sudden because they beat the mighty team from Toronto are going to catch us. The only reason Toronto beat us twice was because we came out flat on those occasions to, and the fact is these are two very poor teams who would have a hard time moving the ball on a high school defence, and can barely move it on each other. We are still a good team, top 4 in the league I would say, and Winnipeg is still a bottom feeder who will be lucky to win another game, let's not panic folks.

It all boils down to what the Cats have learned after getting the crap knocked out of them bt the Als. The team needs to take that next step forward and forget last Fridays game and come up with a solid game plan and solid effort for 60 minutes. The additions of Admans and McIntyre could only help. I would also add Tery Caully in to the mix. In any event this is a wait and see matter and if the Tiger Cats show up in Calgary with their tails between their legs - the season could be lost.

I've said from the start of the season 9-9 is the best we can hope for. I'm not the least bit surprised at where we are nor have I changed my view of how we'll finish

I'm more worried about the trend that has been established in the last 3 games.

We've given games away with way too many mistakes, the offense in particular.

I have seen no improvement in Porter. He doesn't see the field well enough and his decision making is still too slow. Telegraphs long passes, takes too long to throw the ball, hangs onto the ball too long taking too many unnecessary sacks.

We were lucky to beat Calagry as they played as poorly as we did with too many costly penalties and mistakes, without which we would have surely lost.

Hamilton at Calgary - loss, 6-7
Winnipeg at Hamilton - win, 7-7
Hamilton at Montreal - loss, 7-8
Hamilton at Toronto - win, 8-8
Saskatchewan at Hamilton, win 9-8
Hamilton at Winnipeg, win 10-8

This is how I see it IF the Ti-Cats can play reasonably disciplined games that limit mistakes.

Those last 3 games are pretty hard to predict, but I'm kind of an optimist here.

i'm starting to agree with some... porter just hasn't been playing up to the potential that i saw against Montreal last year. I think we need to start Glenn against Calgary and Montreal because Porter will be able to see how a veteran player should play against two of the best teams in the league. although the record is 6-6. this is a team effort and wow. i was disappointed with their performance on Friday. Montreal just out worked, out played and just out did every aspect of that game!

i think we'll have a 10-8 record this year... lose against montreal and saskatchewan. and win the rest. I'm going to the game in Winnipeg and cannot wait to see the Cats pound Winnipeg!!!!!

No need to worry with the Argos and the Bummers in the same conference. They are both awful, lacking talent, leadership and coaching. I think they'll be hard pressed to win two more games this year which means that a Western team will cross-over for 3rd in the East.

I'd like the Cat's chances even more if they'd start Glenn for a couple of games and see if he could find a groove for the playoffs.

An Argo-Cat fan

Same here. And that would be almost as good as the previous three seasons combined. I consider this pretty good progress.

That sounds reasonable. 9-9 and a home playoff game, which I believe we'd win and go to the Eastern Final, would be a very good comeback year. I don't think anyone can complain about that. I'm confident that the team will continue to improve in the offseason and have an even better season in 2010, not that I'm calling it a season yet though. But if that's how it finishes I won't be complaining.

Man, I'd be sooo jacked for home playoff game!!! That'd be awesome!! It's been awhile...

8) You actually think we will beat Calgary this weekend ???? :roll:
 I'd love to see it happen, but I doubt it very much !!

I tell you, watch out for the Bombers, huge dark horse at this point I think. Call me a dummy, that's fine, but I don't know.

8) I've said the same for 2 days now Earl, we are nowhere near locking up a playoff spot yet.
 Look out for Winnipeg !!

Bombers and Argos can still challenge the Cats: if Argos get on a roll with Joseph, and Bombers build some momentum off their win, look out folks! A wounded animal is dangerous, but being caught between two wounded animals can be fatal.