Starting Ticat Offence For Canada Day Game?

According to Drew Edwards' Scratching Post blog, he attended today's practice and saw which players seemed to be taking the starting reps on offence. Things could change between now and game time on Canada Day but these were his observations today:

Yeah, they don't make it as simple as who's getting the most reps, or all it would take is a guy from Toronto with Andrus' # on his cell to let him know how we're doing. Bellefuille's not keeping quiet to be a goof, he's doing it so the Argo's have little to scout us on.

I subscribe more to the Vince Lombardi Theory.

Here's what we're doing.

Stop us.

The guys taking the most reps today folks, are your starters Wednesday.

Make it "Try to stop us" and I'll buy into it. :wink: Seriously though, I don't think any modern CFL team is physically dominant enough to adopt such a philosophy. The Pringle/Ham Stallions and Alouettes were probably the closest thing, and even they weren't completely unstoppable. The 16-2 Eskimo team from '89 was impressive too, but they got derailed in the playoffs by Saskatchewan.

In the CFL, it comes right down to strategy because alot of the teams are near perfect matches of each other. If they can determine your starting line up, they can look at film from those players, learn their tendancies and plan around it. How do you think we usually get read like a book on every play? If we put ALOT more effort into scouting the other team rather than just flat out practising, we'd have a way better chance of winning.

I would think that the guys getting the reps are the starters at this point. Its about getting familiar with players and plays, not about tricking the other team.... not in week 1.

If Porter took the starting reps id bet he starts.

As he should.

I think that RODRIQUEZ and JAMES will be our impact receivers in the days to come.
with Bauman droping his share of passes. :cowboy:

Both Porter and Glenn are getting starter reps, Crash.

James, Currie and Stala are also getting starter reps.

Come on down to Ivor Wynne tomorrow or monday
at 11 to 1 o’clock to see them perform for yourself.

Well, I hope Marcel puts his best lineup on the field July 1st. We don't like excuses. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'd rather Porter start too but I bet they're going to start Glenn. Not for the season, just for that game.

Any opinions on starting oline?

It looks like: LT Alex Gauthier LG Peter Dyakowski C Marwan Hage RG Cedric Gagne-Marcoux RT Dan Goodspeed

Backup LT- Albert Toeania
Backup LG- Simeon Rottier
Backup C- Geroge Hudson
Back up RG- ?
Back up RT- Zac Carlson

My point wasn't that we were dominant. My point was that at this time of year, your starters are taking the reps. We're not switching jerseys at practice or putting Peter "the pylon" in instead of Hudson just to confuse anyone from Argoland who shows up at practice.

My days of going to practice and getting overly confident in what i see are over. I was just going by what Drew said on the blog. I'll support whoever's in there im not the type to boycott the team should the veteran QB get the start... but i'll be disappointed.

There will be only two back-up lineman dressed for the first game and those two will be Rottier and Hudson.

with any luck chris bauman won't be out there :thdn:

I'm pretty sure Dave Stala will be on the field more than Chris Bauman will.

Drew Edwards' latest entry on his Scratching Post blog again contains observations on which players on offence and defence were getting more reps in practice today:

Many positions will be rotated early on, especially at reciever. Those who start may not finish.

What Drew said was almost exactly what I noticed at practice.

here are some observations from practice today.

I think the first offensive unit is shaping up thusly:

The line: Gauthier, Dyakowski, Hage, Gagne-Marcoux, Goodspeed.

Rottier got time with the first unit filling in at both tackle and guard,

which leads me to believe that he and Hudson
will form an all non-import reserve unit.

I think import tackle Toeina will be on the
46-man roster but maybe not the 42 game day.

The receivers: Prechae and Davis were consistently in on the short side.

Stala seems to displaced Bauman at the slot.

James and McDaniel took turns at the inside
wide spot (known as the Y) and Currie was wide.

As I mention every year, the depth chart
will list only 4 starting receiver positions

likely, WR Prechae SLB Davis SLB Stala WR Currie

but we often have 5 and 6 receivers sets.

Running backs: Terry Caulley and Tre Smith got most of the reps.

Quarterback: A mish mash today but Porter got more reps with the first unit guys.

This was the first unit defence, as far as I could tell:

The line: Kirk and Adams inside, Khari Long and Alan Hickman on the outside.

Linebackers: Otis on the weakside, Haley in the middle, Knowlton on the strong side.

DBs: Gordon and Bo Smith at corner, Tisdale and Thompson at halfback

with Bradley getting some reps at both halfback and corner.

Beveridge seems locked in to start at safety.

Marcel cautioned me today not to read too much into what I saw:

there's no way of knowing if these units
will be the ones that start against Toronto.

It's simply what I saw, more grist for the mill.