Starting the season with a Must Win game

I don't like how the MLB thing has played out BUT ... it is one of the most disposable positions on defense when it comes to international players. Plenty of good young guys coming out of the US college system who can play mike backer.

You've got it backwards, friend. They didn't want to pay Woods, because they think they can go younger at the position without much drop-off. I don't like how any of this was handled but I can see the logic. Good import linebackers are a dime a dozen (outside the SAM position which is CFL-unique).

Wait until the Bear Woods Release episode of “Dans le Nid des Alouettes de Montréal? airs. Interested to see if the public reason Kavis Reed used (get more athletic at MLB & decline in Woods' play) matches what he said "behind closed doors".

While I don't consider tonight's game a Must Win game, it is definitely one of the most important game of the season; if the Als lose tonight, they will most probably be 0-4 when they go to Ottawa July 19,2014.

As I wrote on June 17,2017 I am not too optimistic about the 2017 season. Hope to be wrong. A loss tonight would not surprised me that much. I worry more about the offense than the defence.

Let's hope and see.

Great season to all of you.


I don't have any expectations, but tonight's game is eminently winnable. What I'd like to see, more than a W per se, is a sign that the offense is heading in the right direction. If we move the ball and post up points but lose a close game, I'll be disappointed, but not alarmed. If the offense performs as it's done from 2013 on....oh boy.

Take that two steps further and they could be 0-6 after RB and Bombers games.

Tonight is a good challenge to say the least.