starting safety......against the eskies,

I don't know who'll be starting at safety this week but I sure hope it's Beveridge.
This guy has played well ever since he came here. He certainly brings with him, a real physical presence whenever he's around the ball. He also closes really well on the ball and shows good instincts at safety.
Being only twenty-five years old, he very well could be the safety we've been looking for. :cowboy:

Been looking for? He has been a Ti-Cat for 5 years :slight_smile:

I heard the game as I was driving (it faded out completely in the 4th outside of Albany!) but Sandy seemed to be doing fine. I liked him when he first game up- a hard hitter that seems to have a bit of ‘Hitch’ in him.

Okay here's my two cents worth.

I'll be honest up front about where I'm coming from.

I'm an Als fan, have been since the late 50s. Etcheverry, and then that wonderful backfield of Dixon and Clark. But, I was born and raised in Hamilton, lived there from birth up until around the mid 1980s, so I do have a soft spot for the Cats, and have to say that they are my #2 team.

I currently live and work in that big city just an hour or so east of Hamilton (depending on traffic), but by birthright I cannot in any way cheer for that blue team that plays in my current city of residence.

So, having gotten all that out of the way, let me say this about Hamilton's safety.

I have always liked Richard Karikari. When my Als let Barron Miles go to BC, I was concerned, but KK alleviated my concerns, as he performed very well at safety for us that year, and was named to the allstar team.

When he ended up in Hamilton this year, I thought you had your safety problem (Wayne Shaw) solved. But for some reason you worked him out at the corner. Then when the season started you had him at HB. Finally, Shaw was shown the door and KK was put where he belongs, at safety.

Then, in the last game, he blew a coverage costing the team a TD early. Your coach, in an inspired move, benched him and put Beveridge in at safety.

I have to say it was a brilliant move. I think Sandy performed remarkably well. Best play from the safety spot I've seen from Hamilton in a long long time, maybe even going so far back as Paul Bennett.

Keep Sandy in there; KK can fill in at safety or CB or DHB as the need arises.

Now go out and blow away those Eskimos this weekend!!!!!

This guy has played well ever since he came here
Nope, Beveridge has only had one good game on defence and that was the last one against Winnipeg. He's rarely played as a regular on D.
Best play from the safety spot I've seen from Hamilton in a long long time, maybe even going so far back as Paul Bennett.
Again, I have to burst your bubble. Two words. Rob Hitchcock. Beveridge might have hit some Winnipeg guys, but he didn't knock the ball out of their hands. He hit them hard alright, and that's good, but when Hitch hit people, they were out like a light.

Good post MadJack.....Karikari has not played well at safety. Beveridge, gives us youth, and a physical prescence at safety....something we have definitly been missing since the Hitch days.

Start Sandy.....He can HIT. KK does not have the same physical presence.

Racking up those votes, aren't you Zen?? :wink:

It's gotta be Beveridge. He really impressed last game. His hit on Edwards made's hits of the week. It was great.

start beveridge at safety and move karikari back to halfback

How about starting Beveridge at safety and using Karikari as a backup player. He could backup the safety and halfbacks. :cowboy: