Starting Running Back

This is new Thread to talk about the Starting Running Back..

Doesn't matter that much to me, I think we are going to see some very strategic platooning whoever starts at rb. Yes, the starting rb will get most of the reps I gather but maybe not necessarily depending on how the rb's are used. Should be interesting.

Jessie will see lot of Times
Since we only Carring 3 RB and 1 FB.

Injurys do happen…

I hope so too. I don't care who starts, it's all about player managment.

I'm hoping that Corey is our number one returner. He's a huge threat there.

I think this is a silly question. Jesse is by far the best running back we have.

One topic no one ever seems to focus on, including me, whenever we talk about strategies with our running game is the key role the offensive line plays.

We all know that a great offensive line will make a mediocre running back look like an all-star, and a mediocre offensive line will make an all-star look very ordinary.

What does everyone think of our current offensive linemen and our new OL coach?

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I am Big George Hudson Fan..
In Fact That is Why I Bought his name Plate off his locker..

He can also Play Center or Guard and Maybe Tackle..
we have Great Canadian Depth on the Oline.
Somthing I don't think any other CFL Team Can Match.

I am a Big Fan of Pascal also.
Got to love the Big Guys Up front..

as for our Oline Coach He has Great Background.
I would have liked to seen Coach Sal Back working the OL.
He did Wounders last year.

Without good OLine the Offence can't move the ball.

I was quite impressed with Jeff Bleamer's credentials, but again I'd like to see how he works before I make a judgement. We seem to have brought in some good competition for the OL. Should be a very interesting training camp

So true. Remember how effective the O-line was just after one week of direction from coach Sal?

I was astounded.

Looking at Bleamer's impressive credentials, his familairity with Taaffe, and the new player acquisitions, the O-line could very well be the catalyst of any substantial turnaround.

Question is, How much of an adjustment is needed for the CFL game? You have the D-line one yard off of the ball and a wider field requiring more mobility. Does the typical Canadian O-line have wider formations (bigger gaps) than an American O-line?

Probably, the primary apsect of the team to look at as the season opens.

Might end up being a platoon system at RB - Holmes, Lumsden and maybe Davis too getting some work; wouldn't be surprised to see Lumsden in more of a back-up role though if the typical - only 7 NIs need start (that Desjardins has hinted at) - CFL mentality comes in to play. If Lumsden wins the starting RB job, then maybe a chance to see 4 imports starting at receiver - with a NI receiver (Ralph, Morreale or whoever) taking out Lumsden or Radlein for 5 pack. That only 7 need apply mentality may see just 2 or perhaps 3 NIs starting on defence - McKay-Loescher at DE, a DT and a safety?

Looks like the Oline is gonna bust some holes this season, :thup: , interesting to see who starts at centre Bob. :stuck_out_tongue:

With the recievers we have , i would like to see holmes at tail back and Lumsden at Fb , yep

What I want to see is the usage of both Lumsden & Holmes in the backfield. Same time, different times one lining up at slot. The talent both players brings has to be utilized as a major part of the offense. Anything less will be a waste.