Starting receivers

Murphy and Miles are major upgrades, everyone of these receivers we have has established themselves in this league and has proven they all can get open consistantly, even Bauman.
Upgrades...for sure....Brock Ralph isn't hard to beat and wasnt he the leading receiver last year?

Printers has the potential to be the best QB in the league. In fact if he is healthy (and there are rumours that he is not) and the ticat braintrust surround him with the tools needed, the Cats can get back into east contention really quickly. By tools I mean a better O line, a healthy Jesse, and receivers who can catch Caseys laser beams.

Check out the stats, they will tell you all you need to know. good year year, lot to prove
Bauman...worst first round pick in years...alligator arms. trick pony...40yd fly patterns, will never be a #1 go to guy.

Woodcock....( I call him Al Bundy)...."hey kids...I had a 99 yd TD against the Eskies" his career basically starts and finishes with the 2002 Grey cup.

Keep an eye on the NFL cuts guys...this group cant cut it

folks folks all we can do is wait.

Frank Murphy has to be viewed as a major upgrade over Nate Curry and JoJo Walker at the one slotback position. Moving Bauman to the slot and having Miles assume the other flanker role opposite Armstead is an improvement, and whoever comes out ahead between Bauman, French and Woodcock will have to perform. I see the receiving corps as improved but not necessarily great. Still think Giguere is the pick unless he signs as a FA in the NFL.

Good Evaluation...

Don't think that Bauman is going to cut it inside....he isnt crazy about taking a hit and hands are questionable.

Well I hate to say it I Agree.

Miles, Armstead, Woodcock and French are CFL vets; Murphy showed some very good form for the Argos last year and has some NFL experience; Bauman will, IMO, surprise and be good this season - the one big drop late in that one game got magnified way out of proportion. A new import recruit or two may surprise in camp as could a draft pick like Giguere or several others - the notion that you won't find "a rookie impact receiver coming out of the CIS" is nonsense - guess this guy never heard of Joe Poplawski, Corey Grant or Jason Clermont.

The Ticats receiving corps could be very good this coming season IMO.

I Spoke To a few NFL Draft Blogging Sites .
They have Heard that Samuel Giguere is attracting a Great Deal of interest.
The North of Boarder College Star Could Sign FA Deal after The NFL Draft or Be late Pick (6th or 7th Round)

This will Drop his Stock From a top 5 Pick in the CFL Draft If True.
On one Draft Sight it Has Him listed as the #6 Best Small School WR in North America
This in Year will The WR Class is not very Deep in the NFL.
If He is Hamilton Pick We will Trade down.
For More on this you know where to check.

His size and speed combo makes him an NFL scouts wet dream. If he does indeed get a lot of interest in the NFL then I bet he will be a low 1st round pick. Someone like BC or Winnipeg who don't need him right away but want his rights for the future.

I personally would not be shocked if he made an NFL roster. Maybe a number 4 receiver..

I have Him Sliding Late 1st Early 2nd ..
My Mock will Be Posted Tuesday to my Website..

And he will stick in the NFL considering he is a bigger faster version of Wes Welker.

He may stick for a Bit but NFL Teams are always Looking for The Bigger Better Cheaper Thing.
Over so many Season your Vet player Cost Goes up.
Why Keep a Good Canadian When You can get a Rookie American WR
Who is Coming into the NFL just as fast and Cheaper.
He could be on a CFL Team in 1 to 5 years

I don't know i think all NFL teams are looking for the next Wes Welker and teams are in love with using the 3 receiver sets. Guiguere could possibly find a perminent home in the NFL.

I say if Giguere is not drafted by the NFL
don't worry about NFL FA. take him in your
first pick.I think he will turn out to be
better than want we have signed so far.

I just thought I would add this link I found today about Giguere.

This will add to the speculation and also gives you a little info on Lumsden and the NFL as well.

No question in Mind He will get a NFL Shot
That why he will the CFL draft.

I believe that if Giguere gets an NFL free agent gig, we will pick Barker or Shologan at #1, or trade the first pick for a starter. If that starter is a receiver, we will use our other picks on a LB and DL. If not, we will use either #8 or #9 to take Bradwell.

If Giguere is free and clear to take at #1, we will, unless another team sweetens the pot for the pick by giving Obie an offer he can't refuse. (Might Obie's ties to BC emerge here?).

If Giguere signs with the an NFL team, the same thing that happened to Lumsden will happen. Drop to the bottom of the first round. Drafting is a big part of developing your Canadian talent. Taking a guy who won't play with you until September is a big risk considering you normally take what you need in the first round.

Hopefully we take Barker #1, and get Giguere with #8. This way we won't have a wasted first round.

That what I've Been thinking Dirttiger.

With our 1st pick in the cfl draft I
would like to get a starter! To me barker
and shologan are not starters but GIGUERE
i think is. So if we don't take giguere in
our first pick i would rather trade our 1st
pick for a starter!!

If the Cats think Giguere is what they need to get better, they should pick him because there's no way he's going to make a NFL roster this year or any other year. Anyone who has even a fleeting knowledge of NCAA football understands what a truly elite group of athletes they are, especially the guys at positions like receiver. And as good as they are, how many will make a NFL team? Very, very few.

He'll be playing in Canada in 2008 so it may as well be with Hamilton.

An Argo-Cat fan