Starting receivers

At this point before a down has been played, would it be fair to say that an early depth chart would have Armstead and Miles as the wideouts, and Murphy and Bauman as the slotbacks. French and Woodcock would be the back-ups.

Does anyone think Rashaun Woods can realize his one-time potential and make an impact?

This looks like an Ok group to me, but I really think a receiver needs to be a draft priority next week. Giguere would look good in black and gold.

Looks about right to me cager.

I can't see Woods making the team as a backup, so I think you are correct in that French and Woodcock will fill those roles, so to make the team Woods will have to beat out Armstead or Murphy. Can he do it? Well, that's what training camps and exhibition games are for, so we shall see.

I would say at this point that French could beat out Bauman for a SB spot. French showed a lot of heart and determination last season and has a lot of experience. Woodcock could beat Bauman for a SB spot also but until he (woodcock) shows he can play again I think French will win a SB spot.

Bauman will be great one day but his size alone can't make up for the extra experience French and Woodcock have at this point..

I See French Starting over Bauman
Reason Better Over Production Last year.
Mind you there Close.
here where French Will win the Job:
Jason did not drop as Many Balls as Chris.

	French J   HAM 	34 Catches       417 Yards 12.3 YPG 	35 Long 	4 TD
BAUMAN, C  HAM 	30 Catches 	370 Yards  12.3 YPG  	36 Long 	0 TD 

Another thing to add is that French also saw a good amount less game action than Bauman. French had maybe half as many starts as Bauman… and produced more.

French is my fav for the time being…

I think, however, that we can agree that Bauman has more upside than does French. I think French has hit his plateau, he is as good as he will ever be, whereas Bauman I think can develop to be a star in this league, like another Fantuz. Will it happen this year? We shall see............

I think either Woodock or French will beat out Bauman for s starting position. I see others have pegged Bauman for future stardom but based on last year's spotty perfomance, I wouldn't say that's a given by a long shot.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes but Bauman was a raw rookie who had probably 30 dropped passes. Chris has the ability to be uncoverable with his size and could have a fantuz type season if he bulked up and worked on catching the ball this offseason.

i see the starters as

wr Armstead, Miles

slots Murphy, Bauman and Guiguere

We'll probably see a lot more 5 receiver sets this year as that is the best way to go with the personel we have. I really can't see our coaching staff wasting the talent we have on a ball control attack.

We have tremendous speed on the outside to keep a defence stretched, strong physical slots and potentially a game breaker in Guiguere as a 5th receiver who will be covered by a linebacker on most plays as well as running back who will make every front 7 nervous and thinking run first on every play. The only thing that will prevent us from scoring at least 30 ppg will be an overly conservative, run 90% of the time on first down offence.

I would think it has been a long off-season for Bauman, with visions of many dropped balls no doubt haunting him. That alone will probably result in him being much improved this year. He is a kid, and the pressure of being drafted #1, and being forced into the starting lineup probably before he was truly ready was tough. Under the circumstances, he did alright, and will improve, especially if the Cats draft Giguere #1 overall. That will make Bauman realize that his starting job won’t just be handed to him this year just because he was a high draft pick once upon a time.

I really can't see our coaching staff wasting the talent we have on a ball control attack[/b].
You are not very familiar then, with an offence designed by Marcel Bellefeuille.

Charlie is the architect and will be talking to Marcel all game long on the headset. O.C's take instructions from the head coach.

For the Cats' sake I hope you're right. Otherwise be prepared for lots of 4 yard out patterns on second and eight, which drove all us Als' fans bonkers last year.

I can't see Charile not having Final Veto on a Play Call.
He to hands on for that to take Place.

Lol I really hope i'm right also. We ran a lot of that short stuff also last year but according to Taaffe it was because we didn't have the receivers and q.b to run anything else. He sounded like he was all gung ho to playing to Casey's strength which is to run around in the pocket and throw a lot of bombs.

I don't get it.....this is the same receiving corps that led the Cats to 3 wins?Woodcock is done. French is as good as he is ever going to get.Miles had one good season. Otherwise HUGELY overrated.Bauman has a lot to learn,Granted having Printers healthy and playing all year will help them but lets be honest here, this is probably the weakest receiving corp in the league.I don't see them drafting Giguere, they really need help in the Def. backfield.

So casey better have his "running shoes" on this year. The cats O will be better this year only cause it really couldn't get worse.

Remember, the first step to improving is to admit that you arent very good.

Murphy and miles are major upgrades, everyone of these receivers we have has established themselves in this league and has proven they all can get open consistantly, even Bauman.

I think there's room for optimism on this. Murphy, Miles, Armstead, Bauman and French, plus the new guys signed recently, will make for pretty good competition in camp.

Disagree We still need to make a Trade..

I agree with you. This is still a weak receiving corps. The only guy who can really be counted on this year is Armstead and maybe Miles if he stays healthy. The rest can be improved upon but will probably make the team because they have no one better at camp. I'd like them to still go after a top-level receiver via trade or NFL cut. You won't find a rookie impact receiver coming out of the CIS.

It's like a Rolls Royce engine (MVP Printers) in a Suzuki Swift (the Cats receivers).

They must be selling a lot of rose colored glasses in Hamilton these days.

An Argo-Cat fan

Trust me these receivers are good, last year I knew they were garbage and they were, this year is a different story, I'm not wearing no rose colored glasses.

These guys will surprise a lot of people.