starting quarterback with most grey cups

Which starting quarterback has led his team to the most grey cup championships throughout the history of the CFL? just wondering....

Hey! Even though I may not be the brightest guy in the world, I do believe I have the answer to the question posed by Ecks123. It was a tough one but I believe he was referring to one Warren Moon formerly of the Edmonton Eskimos, Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs. I sweated over that one for at least 2 seconds before coming up with that answer.

MOON , also had great teams surrounding him.

Reggie Slack......err.... sorry I thought you meant Drug influenced Grey Cups ..

Yes REGGIE , was really......ricky, ricky foggie. :lol:

how many has flutie flakes won?

3 , I think.

Flutie started three, won two

Damon Allen has three, no?

  • Edmonton?
  • BC (2000)
  • Toronto (2004)

Danny McManus

  • BC (1994)
  • Edmonton ?
  • Hamilton (1999)

Bernie Faloney has 4 grey cups

Kevin Feterik has a whole bunch that his dad made for him.

Doesn't Allen have 2 with Edmonton?
I know the first time he was back up.Then he got called in.
I might be wrong.There is a first!!!

I'm wrong.
Damon only has 3.

Sonny Wade-Montreal Alouettes
Grey Cup MVP in 1970,1974,1977 I believe!