Starting qb's looking good with one exception!


The CFL exhibition season has solidified starting jobs for veteran quarterbacks on most teams and wow most have shown great stats making the anticipation for the season even greater!!
Burris and Durrant looked very good today as did Durant in previous game though the Stamps got lucky with the win!!! Kevin Glenn had an outstanding day today, Anthony C. had a good one , Buck Pierce played well in his first game with the bombers, and Ricky Ray was outstanding today against the Leos. Only Toronto( who starts????????) and B.C. are big question marks. PRinters started today off with an interception for a t.d. the other way and has been very inconsistent and Lions fans are already starting to wonder while again today Travis Lulay proved he should be the starter for the Lions no doubt with another impressive game leading the lIons back from a 24-10 half- time deficit to take the lead only to have Jason Maas steal the win with a broken coverage touchdown in the last seconds. Please Wally keep playing Printers!!! Lulay is going to be a star. Riders vs. Montreal to start the season on Canada Day - fitting as the two best teams meet to start the season.
Riders Rule

:D :D :D :D

You know Goosebend, you're right. All offseason I've been thinking "Damn, if only the Lions had a top quality, proven and experianced QB like that Duran Duran guy with the Riders we could have a great team!".

So tell ya what; I have a bunch of unused 2009 Grey Cup champion hats that were for the Riders if they won. I'll trade ya a whole box for that Duran fella. Do we have a deal? One time offer, ya never know when the Riders'll get into the Grey Cup again!

Grim, your grapes are so sour they're fermenting. I can think of one use for them...

Interestingly no one in BC seems to be listening now even to the mere question about Lulay for sake of his potential for the future at BC WHEN (not if, but when) Printers and Jackson don't work out.

As an Esks fan suits me just fine such that they can just stick to Printers and then give it a go with Jackson for all I care. Hopefully they lose enough games before they figure it out such that they miss the playoffs.

Good job Turkeybend. It's not often a Riders fan and I share common ground, but I'll stop there of course. :thup:

It'll be funny too if this gets the attention of a Lions fan for comments on Lulay when all other posts have failed in that regard. Or if some Printers lover starts ranting to no end. :roll:

Its a little thing called SARCASM. I've been here long enough to know turkey is a joke and don't take him seriously and I don't really care that we lost one preseason game. Hence the reason my post was pretty much bs responding to bs.
I'm not worried about our QBs, our O-line however... :expressionless:

Also as soon as he can be traded, I'm sure you'll see Jarious Jackson on another team. Lulay is ready to be a backup and is FAR cheaper than JJ. We could use that cap room to buy an O-line then!

Excellent Grims you are the first Lions' fan on here I have seen talk some realistic sense on this matter. :thup: Now how soon until Printers is hurt, though of course I wish no player any harm? What's the over/under on Printers before he's out hurt? :expressionless: