Starting QB

who do you think?

you forgot Glenn, Michna, Wynn and Martin

Yup, thats my vote.



LMAO @ Pigseye!!!

Seriously though, Martin has been let down by his receivers, but I agree that at this point in his career, he does not deserve to be backup, and is more suited to third or fourth. That is not to say that he will not be a great QB in a few years, but right now, he has some serious developing to do.

It seems it was obvious to everyone except Daley that Tee was nowhere near ready to become a starter. Ability is not his problem he just needs to learn the game, he needs to ride the pine behind someone like Calvillo or Allen for a year or two then maybe he will be ready.

I agree with you there is nothing wrong with t. I would have had Wynn in there before the coach gave t so many reps in the games. But now that T has played several games you stick with him and get guys that can catch.

Yup, I agree 100%. He definetely has the skills and ability, he just needs some seasoning and time to learn the CFL game. I sure hope that the Bombers can keep him for a few years, because he has the potential to be great in a few years - just not right now.

I still stick to what I have said on other postes.

  1. Glenn
  2. Wynn
  3. The kid that sells 50/50 tickets

Glenn / Michna / Wynn / Bob Cameron / Bob Irving / The blonde who sells beer

Dammit...forgot all about her.......strike the kid....insert the blond ( place smart a$$ joke here).

Glenn, Michna, Wynn, Bob Barker, Sam Katz, SectionT, Bill Gates, The Purple Teletubie, Barney,
The CanadInns Rat King, Khari Jones, PIGSEYE, Homer Simpson, Jimmy Daly, The bison from MTS,
The pitcher from the Goldeyes, Goldie, Buzz, Boomer, Dave Randorf, Your mother, The "fifth stringer",
Godzilla, JamieStoddard, Jamie Stoddard, The guy who does the weird piano commercials on CJOB,
Bob Irving, bombers#1, a mutant from the Red River, Wayne Gretzky, Micheal Jordon, Milt Stegall,
Stegallfan, Peter Mansbridge, Jay Onrait, the hobos on Main, ME, the Taco Bell dog, Paul Martin,
Dr. Phil, Oprah, Peyton Manning's brother, Charles Roberts, 3/10, Glen Murray, Tee Martin

Agrees with poster above
Took awhile to think of all of them?

pretty tough to keep 4 QB'S around very long ....SOMEONE IS BOUND TO GRAB one off the PR........OOOOPS... goodbye TEE.







Spergon Wynn....

Win with Wynn

Wow...sounds like a political campaign message!...LOL

LMFAO @ Milkman!! I love it!

Woohoo! I'm starting ahead of Glenn Murray, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Gretzky!

i vote glenn

by the way, dose anyone have a kevin glenn trading card?

I agree with you sportsmen. Give the ball to Wynn and you shall win.

LMAO milkman!