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I have gone through and read as many threads on the Qb's as I could find, and found out one thing, you all are crazy. I have read that Ritchie Williams should be on 2nd 3rd and practice teams. Last years starter sucked, no offense meant, but good lord. Just look at the numbers. Ritchie Williams is waiting to win for you, thats what he does. I saw him throw 28 straight completions and win our biggest rival game in the final minute. He single handedly kept a 1-aa offense moving at the #4 1-a team in the nation's home stadium, in front of 91,000+ screaming fans. And someone here also said he wouldnt be used to the fast pace of the cfl games. What a laugher, he ran a spread option, no huddle offense to the championship. And whats more, hes a Class-A individual. You wont find a nicer guy, or a better leader. If the coaches arent idiots, you will see him play, and I'll be proven right, if theyre idiots, I'll be butchered by you all now, and 2 years from now, or whenever he does get to start, you'll be saying how you knew he was the one, and my post will have rotted away by then. In wichever case, I wish the team luck.

And a note on that four letter word indicated by ****, The word I used had 6 letters, so thats lost on me.

Ritchie has ton of Competition this year

Jason Maas
Rocky Buttler
Timmy Chang

Maybe Shawn King

I wish Richie the best of lock

If Maas takes a nose-dive and Williams beats Butler then he will be our starting QB. Until then I don't think Ritchie's frat brothers whining on our message boards is going to convince anyone.

I thought that Williams showed tons of promise last year and could have been developed for this year if the coaches wouldn't have wasted so many snaps on Eakin who obviously wasn't doing anything. Honestly I don't know if he will ever get a proper shot but it looks like he has the raw talent.

Count me as a BELIEVER ... From the MOMENT I laid eyes on the man, Richie Williams has IMPRESSED me.

I am VERY interested to see how Charlie T. REACTS to him. Charlie is known to be a QB guru ... so if Richie IS WORTH his salt ... Charlie would know.


P.S - I ALWAYS get a kick out of the Kevin Eakin BASHERS - the SAME Kevin Eakin who will be taking snaps at an NFL TC come September ... (nope I will never miss an opportunity)

Well heading into training camp I would suggest our QBs will be #1 Maas, #2 Butler and #3 Williams. I don't really know Timmy Chang but I'm interested to see what he can do. One thing I do know, we didn't go and trade for Butler just to sit on the bench. If Maas struggles I'm sure Taafe will switch QBs a lot faster than Marshall or Lancaster did.

If you're right, and Williams gets a shot and leads the Cats to the promised land (or at least to a Grey Cup berth), I will buy you a plane ticket from wherever you call home, so you can attend the Cats pre-GC party and rub all of our noses in it. Archive this post - I mean it.

I love the concept - we challenge anyone who whines to prove us wrong by getting the 'Cats to the Grey Cup game. That's a situation I wouldn't mind having my nose rubbed in either!


I saw him throw 28 straight completions and win our biggest rival game in the final minute.I wish the team luck. When was that ? I didn't seen him play. And sorry for the unquot ! He's my fave and everybody knows. Gifted and talented young man, if Ritchie dont make it up in steeltown i hope he reaches out anyway.

No room for Richie.
If he did not get an opportunity last year with Maas hurt, and Eakins playing rotten he will not get a sniff this year.

Maas will be 1
Butler will be 2 (the current regime gave up a ton to get him so they will stick with him)
Chang will be 3 (once again Marcel traded to get him)

Williams was brought to the team by the previous management team.
He will soon be forgotten along with the likes of David Corley, Marcus Brady, Jon Beutjer, Ben Sankey and Pete Gonzales.
Nice guys and all, but just names from the past.
We all seem to like our back-up QBs don't we!

I would be VERY SURPRISED if Timmy Chang made the team over Richie Williams ... I don't care WHO brought him in - Wiliams HAS TALENT.


P.S - HELL YEAH, I love our BACKUP QB's - ESPECIALLY when the last couple years (or so) the STARTERS have been an OVER the HILL nice guy that threw as many INTS as Completions, and an INJURED Noodle Arm that just flat out COULDN'T THROW.

P.P.S - Again, to the Fr-Eakin Bashers - (the same Eakin that is on the Roster of an NFL Squad ) ... Your MYOPIC View of Talent is a laugh Riot !

. Your MYOPIC View of Talent is a laugh Riot !
Please remember the rule - you are allowed to criticise each other's opinions or facts, but not each other.

Why is this rule so hard to understand?

Regarding Non-CFL experienced QBs

'No wine before it's time.'

Regarding posters who have names to call the coaches

in case they don't use their favourite QBs right away.

'No whine before it's time'

Please remember the rule - you are allowed to criticise each other's opinions or facts, but not each other.

Why is this rule so hard to understand?

COMPREHENSION is not the problem, I can ASSURE you of that, Bob.


2007: Year Of The Chang???????????

No chance.

Time for a Chang at QB.

Hehe that's cute. :thup:

hehe, thanks borehamgirl.

But really, I did some research on all the QBs. The only way I could compare the QBs fairly was to look at their college careers. (Like hiring a college grad for an entry-level position)

Jason Maas - QB at Div 1-A. was backup QB to Akili Smith. finished his collegiate career completing 120 of his 226 pass attempt for 1,763 yards, 19 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Ian Butler - QB at Division 1-AA. Completed 206-of-335 passes for 3,111 yards and 30 touchdowns as a senior.

Richie Williams - QB at Div 1-AA. completed 589 of 947 pass attempts for 7,759 yards, 59 touchdowns and 22 interceptions

Timmy Chang - QB at Div 1-A. Played in an offense similiar to CFL. Completed 1,388 of 2,436 passes for 17,072 yards and 117 touchdowns, breaking the old NCAA Division I-A all-time records for completions, attempts and yards.

I think it's safe to say Chang has the most impressive college resume.