Starting QB and other views from the pews....

I am still wondering....we get rid of Hitchcock and Morreale in the name of re-building, bring in almost a whole new team which is coming together quite well, develop Jesse and Chris Bauman... but we still hang on for a second season to this 400 thousand dollar sub-standard QB whose name will not be mentioned here. For a guy who has been playing pro football for 10 years or so, he still can't pass when it counts, throw the long ball or know that he should get rid of the ball rather than take a sack. Potential QB's every year are let go for stuff like this yet we stuck with this guy for all of last season and and now watch this season slip away with him before August is here.
I'll say it again. Without a competent QB, the offence will never come together. The receivers did their job last night. Its too late already but Marcel has to find a starting QB before next season, whether its Chang or someone else. I see no other choice for getting the potential out of this team.
I think the team has improved tremendously since the start of this season. We have some great talent on the field.
The team still showed lots of fight over the past two games. We are going in the right direction overall...except for the starting QB. The excuses for keeping him have all run out.
The fans deserve better.

Agreed w.r.t. QB situation on offense. Penalties and stingier coverage in the secondary are other concerns but the lack of offensive production I'd pin on the QB.

The biggest problem at the QB position is that we are capable of moving the ball between the twenty yard lines, but once we are in scoring position, Maas chokes. For two years now we have seen him fumble routine snaps, lose his footing, take a stumble, get sacked, overthrow or underthrow a receiver, throw the ball when the field is wide open to run into the end-zone or most frequently, throw an interception whenever he gets a good drive going and gets into touchdown territory.

Enough of the coach pointing to his statistics to say he's doing a good job--------he is not driving the team for touchdowns and that's his job, not putting fancy numbers onto the statistic sheet. Maybe he's just plain snake-bit, but the fact is we are 0-5 and it is time to see what Chang can do.

We were lucky to not get picked off in the endzone on one drive. Maas really does choke.