Starting QB? And disarray?

Hammy students…
Who’s the QB starter this week? And from afar it seems there’s some disarray in the team. True?

We have two Ray’s on the team, there dis a Ray, Ray Mariuz and then there’s that a Ray, Ray Wiadichuk. :thup:

Ticats head coach Marcel Bellefeuille has declined to name a starter for Saturday night, though he says both Glenn and Porter will see action. “We intend to use both quarterbacks but there's no pressing need to release who's starting. Both guys are prepared to play.?
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Disarray? No, not there.


(But the creep is on, and they better get their act together soon)

Marcel has not named our starting QB, Flag,

That is a good coaching tactic because it makes B.C.

have to prepare for both Kevin and Quinton Porter

[ but it won't quite put the B.C. team in disarray.] :wink:


Disarray at QB? You must be thinking of the Calgary Stampeders.

Flag: You must be referring to Drew's article about Obie and his thoughts on a two quarterback system.
I did not conclude there was any kind of disarray involved or implied in the story.

no from afar the the disarray isnt about the QB situation altho that may play into it.
there just seems to be a lot of negative buzz.
I guess I’m asking Hamilton followers if the team is united.

Yeah, I think it still is.

I think the inconsistency is puzzling the coaches, players and fans more than frustrating them right now, although, I also think they'd better get on track very soon, or frustration just may set in pretty quick. (which a step before disarray) :wink:

ah …the contiuum of disarray.

thanks cap’t