Starting Porter

He took sack and too us out of Field Goal Range..
He hangs on to ball to long
He is Awfull QB

We need Glen to start the Rest of way
The Bombers are too dam close to let Quinton Start now..

Start Glenn next week or lose, its as simple as that.

14 points in the CFL speaks for itself.

The hell with you, Tom.

You're starting to get to "ignore" land.

It's a shame, I used to respect you, now I find that you are simply a broken record.

HERE HERE :cry: :x :thdn:

14 points isnt enough. How many were punt singles? The last play to take us out of FG range is unacceptable. Buck Pierce was playing for his job last night and stepped up. Porter needed to step up and didn't. The way the D played, and holding Burris to 15 points should be enough to get a W every time. I think its time to make a change. Porter doesn't look like he's progressing. Winnipeg has put it together and we can't afford to grow with Porter this year. Go with Glenn, that doesn't mean we're giving up on the guy, maybe watching will do the kid some good.

We need to start Glenn the rest of the season. We don't have the luxury of bringing a guy along slowly. Porter may be a good QB eventually, but right now he's cost us games (and hasn't won us any) and we can't afford it.

Until tonight I was leaning toward Glenn (but still quite open). Now I lean the other way. Porter made a number of mistakes but those were almost all experience mistakes. The tools showed again tonight.

Porter is a tool. What killed us before he got sacked was his last run from scrimmage on second down and he pulled up and layed down just before the first down marker and we had to kick. At that stage of the game you dive for the first down!!!!!!!

So we play for next year? Enough of the "wait til next year syndrome." QP may be (emphasis on the word may) the QB of the future, but he has done zip to earn the position on a team that is fighting for its playoff life.

I totally agree....
What a stupid...stupid...mistake.
The defence played great.
Even the offence played well...except for Porter.
Porter cost the Ti-cats this win, in Calgary.....period.
This romance with Porter as the starter....must end.
If not.....Winnipeg will get past Hamilton, for second in the East.
Simple fact. :thdn:

( one very pee'd off fan.)

LOL... I found the Pitchfork Crue.... they have Porter all wrapped up and ready to burn!!!!

If you're going to boil down game to that sack please tell everyone what Glenn would have done with 1.5 seconds to get rid of ball.


The hell with you, clown.

If someone irritates you so much then put them on your 'ignore list' or grow some maturity.

Respect is earned.

He would have got rid of THE BALL!!!!!!!!!

Throw it into the stands. Bring out Setta for attempted FG or punt single.

The same thing he did in a similar situation that occurred in Toronto?

Yet another Porter vs. Glenn thread for the repository, but I figured this one was inevitable. Here we go again.

To hang this loss on Porter is embarrassing. We were already out of FG range at that point the way Setta has been kicking. We needed to be well inside the 30 to consider it "makeable".

Good teams wins games like that. Calgary's a good team that tonight was pretty well shut down by Coach Marshall's D.

In the end, the game was lost on 2nd and 12, with a half minute left, and Porter's eyes frozen on some receiver on the left side, while Calgary was obvisously lined up for a massive blitz. But then again, a more experienced QB, like Glenn, might have completed a quick pass, but come up short of the 12 yds. and then Setta would have to have improved on his 33% on the night to win it.

Porter didn't lose the game. The turnovers and poor kicking did!

I am sorry Sidpig but the kid Chokes when pressure is on
They put 9 in box and Kick our butts .
Porter has to get rid of ball Glen would have done it

I use to like Porter but now We can't afford to start him..
GLEN must Start ..

If we miss the playoffs then It's Porter and Setta Fault..
Our Defence is Holding us in Games
Porter Chokes with pressure..
He can't read defence .
He hangs on to ball and gets sacked..