Starting Over

Well here we go again.
This once pround rganization is in need of a major MAJOR overhaul / change. I think the current owners should sell this team or really commit to doing the right thing.

  • Hire a real GM (eg: Jim Barker) or someone of that stature (ASAP) to do the following

1- Hire a real OC & DC
2- Build a new Football Ops department - its obvious there’s none
2- Sign Pipkin ASAP (if possible)
3- Surround JM with playmakers
4- Find younger & cheaper players (this can be done with better scouting & contacts)
5- Rebuild the trust of the real football fans in Montreal
6- Change the colors & logo (they’ve both seen their day)

Is this too much to ask?

Not too much to ask but that is what we have all been asking for the past 5 years.

I have no problem with the colors and logo (from last season that is). I do not see the need to change here.

Agreed. The white, blue and red are the Alouette colors. A minor redesign is okay, but the general look needs to stay.

We will see this week if a new helmet logo is introduced.

I think that the plan has been to use helmets for a month at a time.

Kavis Reed has got to go. Wake up Wetenhalls, this guy is killing your team???