Starting lineup?

Does anybody have any idea who the starter's are going to be for each position? This is all I know
QB- Quinton Porter
HB- Kenton Keith, Caulley if Keith still injured
LT- Alex Gauthier
LG- Cedric Gagne-Marcoux
RT- Dan Goodspeed
RG- Peter Dyakowski
Please fill me in, thanks.

I think you'll Hudson at RG
RT Good SPeed

WR Bauman and Davis
SB Mitchel Stalla and Ball.

Is alittle hard to guss
DT DE? No idea

OLB Same as Last year
MLB Floyd /Oggy
CB Same as last year
HB Same as Last year
S Barker

K/P OZZIE (just Kidding) Nick Setta Of course

KR /PR Cobb /Tre Smith

^ I think you are forgetting Prechae in the receiving core...

Here's my guesses.


QB - Porter
OL - Gauthier
OL - Gagne-Marcoux
OL - Hage
OL = Goodspeed
OL - Hudson
RB - Caulley (Keith will still be injured)
WR - Rodriguez
WR - Bauman
WR - Davis
WR - Mitchell
WR - Ball


D-Line... No idea....

LB - Knowlton
LB - Floyd
LB - Haley

CB - Bradley
CB - Gordon
DB - Thompson
DB - Tisdale
S - Barker

He not going to the Peg

I would def not start Peter.. Funny man behind the camera but struggled way too much last year, the line was a lot better when Cavka started ahead of him.

Peter is good Guard but I question his Feet at Tackle Spot..
I think George is better Guard and Center (but he been all star at both Spots)

I think there is a changing of the guard afoot. Dyakowski appears to be ready to take Hudson's starting job, Gordon is losing his starting job to Bo Smith, and it's not impossible to believe that Bauman will be sitting in favor of Stala, and Mariuz will also be a backup this year. This is an indication that guys aren't being handed heir jobs just because they played lots last year. A good sign that he team is trying to improve.

Based on second hand observations (there’s my disclaimer):

QB: Porter
RB: Caulley
OT: Gauthier
OT: Goodspeed
OL: Hage
OL: Dyakowski
OL: Gagne-Marcoux

5th: Stala

DE: Guillory
DT: Adams
DT: Reid

LB: Siskovic
LB: Floyd
LB: Knowlton

CB: Bradley
CB: Smith
HB: Thompson
S: Barker

I havent seen the practices, so I can’t rightly say who deserves to be at the final HB and DE positions. I do think, however, that Tisdale and Gordon should not be starting. They were definitely the weakest link in our defense last season while Bradley and Thompson completely shut down the other side.

I could also see a platoon situation with Stala/Bauman and Currie taking over the 5th spot.

Here's my guess after much study:
QB: Quinton Porter
HB: Terry Caulley (keith will be injured)
FB: Darcy Brown
C: Marwan Hage
LT: Alex Gauthier
LG: Cedric Gagne-Marcoux
RT: Dan Goodspeed
RG: Peter Dyakowsi
WR: Prechae Rodriguez
WR: David Ball
WR: Dave Stala
WR: Chris Davis
WR: Airese Currie
DE: Alex Morrow
DE: Brandon Guillory
DT: Darrel Adams
DT: Justin Hickman
MLB: Otis Floyd
OLB: Markeith Knowlton
OLB: Yannick Carter
CB: Jykine Bradley
CB: Bo Smith
CB: Chris Thompson
CB: Geoff Tisdale
S: Dylan Barker

Can't start 13 guys on offence. :wink:

Gordon or Manning over Smith for CB

Mariuz or Barrenechea at LB

Bauman at WR

Here is what i think :

QB: Quinton Porter
HB: Terry Caulley
C: Marwan Hage
LT: Alex Gauthier
LG: Cedric Gagne-Marcoux
RT: Dan Goodspeed
RG: George Hudson
WR: Prechae Rodriguez
SB: David Ball
WR: Dave Stala
SB: Chris Davis
WR: Airese Currie
DE: Justin Hickman / Mike Mcfadden
DE: Brandon Guillory
DT: Darrel Adams
DT: Jermaine Reid
MLB: Otis Floyd
OLB: Markeith Knowlton
OLB: Dennis Haley
CB: Jykine Bradley
CB: Alain Zamaitis
CB: Chris Thompson
CB: Geoff Tisdale
S: Dylan Barker

I know that Morrow has been playing first team DE but I am pulling for Justin Hickman / Mike Mcfadden
i also know that Costello has been first team LB but Iam pulling for Haley same with Zemaitis over Gordon and Bo Smith

WOW ...

Not sure i understand why Morrow is starting and getting all the first line reps ...i guess time will tell to see if he can fend off Macfadden and Hickman .

i also think Haley can overtake Costello ...

i am suprised that Willis is starting too ...adn that Ball was not in there at slotback

My guess is that they want more speed this year

i guess Morant is injuured ....seems when peopel get injured they get dumped by the cats..

ANy word on Corey Mace ..we sure could use him

It's nice to see all these guys getting a chance in there ..

It was smart to rest the players that are sure starters like Presche, Floyd , Knowlton , Thompson they have nothing to prove ...and it was good to have the first team OLINE in there as there are really no battles going on and it is better for th eoffence to have a stable line .

Don't Expect Corey anytime soon
Obie is playing Hard Ball .. and he needs too

I was under the assumption we were posting our regular season starting lineups.

That was the idea, Pre-season doesn't count because they're just testing players. You can't honestly think they'd sit Floyd, Knowlton, Rodriguez, Barrenechea and Keith (I know Keith's injured, I don't need 20 people to quote me on this) for the whole season.

Like your choices.
Not sure if Floyd is cut out for MLB but it seems like we will find out.
Add in a big "Let's go Zemaitis"
And I like Matechuk to be our new long snapper. Guy is a ST beast!!!

I'm not sure about Floyd in the middle either........we shall see, I guess.

The reason for my doubt is that he was in BC, and Wally Buono, no slouch as a coach, never put him in the middle.

When Barrin Simpson left BC, rather than trying Floyd in the middle, he gave the job to Javier Glatt............who, while he may not be a bad MLB, certainly is not among the league elite at that position.

So if Buono doesn't think Floyd is cut out to be a MLB................................

But like I said, we'll see..........................