Starting lineup on Offence

If I had it my way this would be my starting lineup on offence

Tony Washington OT
Brandon Revenberg OG
Mike Filer C
Landon Rice or Mathieu Girard OG
Ryker Mathews OT

Brandon Banks WR
Terrance Toliver WR
Jalen Saunders SB
Luke Tasker SB

Alex Green RB
Mercer Timmis RB
Sean Thomas Erlington RB

Bring back storm Johnson

That's my choices. Of course there would be backup receivers and offensive line but that's my picks for the main starters.

And a whole whack of players on the injured list and practice roster hahaha

Interesting. We could also try starting a QB this year.

Sorry Jermiah Masoli if things get better for him and then Johnny Manziel in and out mixing things up or duel roles with Masoli

I also would like to add Mark Chapman in there especially if one of our canadians get injured but we have some good depth just not good canadian receiver depth…if wr dont get mark Chapman I would like us to bring in Andy Fantuz within 6 games or so to get him in practice.

Interesting . I have just a few questions here for ya on yer starting 12 .

#1....As E-Pat already pointed out you forgot to mention or list the most important starter . It's kinda hard to get things accomplished without naming a starting QB .

#2....While I agree with your starting 5 on the line and your choice of receivers i'm kinda scratching my head trying to figure out how or why you would have 3 rb's listed as starters and wish also to bring back a 4th rb in Johnson . I don't think I can ever recall a team utilising 3 rb's as starters on any team before.

So anyways with all that being said here is my mock starting line-up for the offence with backups in brackets.......

QB.....Jeremiah Masoli (John Manziel , Vernon Adams)
RB.....Alex Green (Mercer Timmis , Sean Thomas Erlington)
WR....Damar Aultman (Felix Fauber-Lussier)
WR....Terence Toliver (Jacob Scarfone)
SB.....Luke Tasker (Mitch O'Connor)
SB.....Jalen Saunders
SB.....Brandon Banks
OC....Mike Filer (Mathieu Girard)
LG....Brandon Revenberg (Braden Schram)
LT.....Tony Washington
RG....Landon Rice (Darius Ciraco)
RT.....Ryker Mathews (Everton Williams)

Congrats Bobo, I think that this is the 1st time I have seen you accept Johnny M as a member of the Ticats.
All that therapy seems to be working :slight_smile:

The only reason I said 4 running backs is if we choose to have a 2 back system…even 3 works over the 4…I just said 4 if we had to juggle and put Mercer Timmis in because of a cdn ratio injury somewhere… I like Alex Green and having another running back on the other side since we are kind of eliminating the fullback …not unless we experiment with Nikita Whitlock at that RB/FB position then stick Johnson on the injury list rather then getting rid of him.

lol . Gee Thanks B&G . ;D

Well someone has to be 2nd string on this team . ;DWith Adams apparently dinged up and the other alternatives being Dane or Moniz ? It would appear that Johnny gets it by default . :wink:

Oh and yes therapy is working out.......for now... and thanks once again for asking....Cheers !!! :slight_smile:

Not a bad list for the 46, although one or two (aRB and an OL perhaps)would need to go on the IL or PR to make room for the defence. You have 20 players listed, plus the three QBs. Add in the kicker and long snapper, that leaves only 21 spots for the defence. I suspect the team would want to be a bit heavier on the defence side for special teams / linebackers (just a guess), so bringing it down to18+3 on offence leaves 23 on defence.

You have 12 nationals, so 10 after two drop to IL/PR, with three starting. That works as long as we go with either Stephen and Daly in the defensive backfield, or three nationals on the d-line. But again, going three on the line brings up the "Who's the backup?" question.

There is already a preexisting thread for this:

Yeah, the two, offence and defence, probably should be combined back into that thread. Can't really talk about one without considering the impact on the other