Starting lineup for Friday's opener

The Als have posted their depth chart for the lineup for Friday here:

[url=] ... EM_ID=1300[/url]

Some interesting points, as follows:

1.Crutchfield and Brightful are the starting corners. This might be trouble......

2 Mackey gets the start at MLB; Acholonu at DE.

  1. O'Neil Wilson and Kerry Watkins start at wideouts, with Cahoon and Anderson in the slots. If we go to the five receiver set, which is our bread and butter, the extra receivers to pick from are Terence Edwards, Shaun Diner, and Adam Eckert. We'll miss Girard and Stala.

  2. Not that it means a whole heck of a lot, Greene is listed ahead of Brady on the depth chart.

We win, and win big if (a) we revert to our old pressure defence, (b) Mackey, Acholonu, and Brightful step up and show us they belong in the CFL, (c) Wilson and Watkins overcome their tendency to drop passes they should catch.

On the other hand, if we run a standard defence (or, perish the thought, go to that three man 'rush' and drop everyone else back that Chris Jones seemed to be in love with last year, God alone knowing why), if Mackey, Acholonu and Brightful don't impress, and Wilson and Watkins drop balls, it could be a long evening.


I just wrote a long reply with all of my thoughts about the depth chart. But when I clicked on submit, the freakin' site asked me to type my username and password. I did, but it made me lose all my post.

I'm getting pretty tired of that happening. The staff should correct that bug ASAP cause its really frustrating.

I don't feel like retyping it all.

That is annoying Third; and we are all the losers for having been deprived of your insight.

While they're fixing that problem, they could also look at that icon I check to say "log me in every time I visit", because it doesn't work too well either.

Strange cause I never have to log in. It has happened where I have been booted out while posting. But it has been a long time since the last time!
Do you delete your cookies? That will cause you to have to log in every time!

I have a suggestion for you that can help in the meantime, something that I started doing after having to re-type some long posts in the past. Before you hit submit, copy all your text. That way, even if you get logged out trying to submit, you can paste it back in after logging back in.

Third, that is why when posting a long reply, I always write it using a text editor first and save it to my machine. So frustrating to lose a big, well thought-out post because of a site glitch.

In any case, I'm a little concerned about all the injuries going into tomorrow's game. Neither our secondary nor our receiving corps looks very deep, and O'Neill Wilson has never impressed me at receiver. Maybe he's ready to make the Watkins jump to credibility, but I'm not sanguine. Interesting to see that Romero is listed ahead of Haywood at nose tackle.