Starting Chang Labour Day..does that mean the season is lost

There is a lot of reports by Sports Writers and Ti-Cat fans that Chang will get his long awaited start..this coming Monday.
Does this mean the Ti-Cat far as having any chance at a play-off spot has been written off by the Cat Brass ?
You would have to think so...
Or have they just suddenly realized that the Maas 'experiment' in Hamilton has indeed failed ?
Two questions both with..not very nice answers as far as the balance of the 2007 season goes.
Of coarse it would be great if Chang steps into the breech...and the Cinderella Story has the Cats win the next 10 games without a loss.
But the chances of that happening are nonexsitant.
Is a change at the starters spot nessesary ? At this point in the season.
Without question it most certainly is.
The real frustrating question is that it should have been done at the START of this season..and why did it take this long for our Coaching Staff to do it.
If in fact this does happen on Labour Day.
This is one fan who feels very bad for Jason Maas, who seemed to be doomed in Hamilton..from the very start. I remember all the Media 'hype' when he came to town...
And a team at the time that was being run by a Coach..that was way in over his head..sorry Greg. And an Offencive Coach in Paopao who's play calling did not work in Ottawa...or BC and we all know how it did not work here in Hamilton.
So when Maas is finally shown the door here in Hamilton...that I believe will happen much sooner than later. This is one fan that will not put all the crap that we as fans have had to sit through over the past 2 years..apon his shoulders alone.
Past and presant Coaching Staff's have to shoulder some of the blame for their actions and more importantly..inactions for not seeing the writing on the wall much sooner than half way through the 2007 season.
After's football not rocket-science.
In the mean time..we the fans have to sit on our hands for the balance of yet "another" season as the starting QB problems..get worked out.
Rather late...than never, I better than not at all.
Cheers. :thup:

To answer the title of this thread: yes.

How about it's more like Maas does not deserve another start and this move should have been made after week #2. But Maas will start Labour day, Taafe doesn't seem to really know what he's doing, if it wasn't for Ed Oneil and the defence this season would be a lot more ugly than it is.

I figured we would have to win in Montreal, sweep Toronto, and defeat Winnipeg to have a realistic shot given the crossover. I don't think a playoff spot is possible at this point because of where the team is at right now.

Nonetheless, the Chang-Maas method is a good investment in the team's future. It could also be a spark for greater success because regardless of how Chang does, I figure Maas will do better off te bench than as a starter. Certainly teams won't be able to gameplan against Jason as easily as before.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yes the season is lost. We're 1-7, with very little prospect of finishing higher than fourth place, and a good chance of being bumped by a crossover even if we do manage to finish third in our Division.

I've been a Jason Maas supporter all season, and still am. However, he has had continuing difficulties here in Hamilton since he arrived. Injuries have doubtless played their part, but as time goes on that seems an insufficient reason for lack of success. I agree that it is time to give Chang a chance to develop now. He could be our quarterback of the future, so giving him more time at the helm in a season with little at stake other than pride and preparation for next year makes sense to me.

By the way, now that Kevin Eakin has been released by the Bills, I would be very keen to have him come back to Hamilton if he's interested. When he asked for his release last year, I recall he indicated he would come to Hamilton again if he returned to the CFL. I think he's a great prospect, may be better than Chang in the short term. Conditions have changed since he left, Jason Maas does not appear to be a lock as our starter any longer. If we had Chang and Eakin as our QB tandem, we could have some very good competition and a good head start on developing our next generation of leadership.

And the Eakin bandwagon begins anew...

an Eakin bandwagon? OMG.

Ya hard to believe people wanted the backup to play last year with the way Maas was shredding defences and rewriting the Hamilton record books.

Post subject: "Starting Chang Labour Day..does that mean the season is lost"

Look at it this way, this season is not lost.

The team has decided to start next season 9 months early.

Realistically, yes, the season is lost, we have about a 5% chance of making the playoffs right now I'd say right now if I was doing Vegas odds.

You never know though, at least Chang gives us some glimmer of hope, if not for this season, than perhaps for next.

This season is lost for Hamilton, Chang or no Chang. Theoretically it’s possible for the Cats to get back in the playoff hunt but I believe that this horrific 1-7 start has permanently shattered the confidence of the whole team. And when you don’t believe in yourself, you will find ways to lose.

I think it's the other way around. If they start Maas again, the season is lost. Start Chang and the team has possibilities--no guarantees but possibilities.

At this point, I'd settle for an entertaining team. The wins will come.

An Argo-Cat fan

The chances of making the playoffs is all but lost, but that doesn' mean the rest of the season is a waste. The team was rebuilt from last year so realistically, making the playoffs would have been a huge accomplishment. The rest of this season is important for player development and preparing for next year. I'm looking forward to it.