Starting Canadians

I know camp is a ways away.. etc etc etc... but.. as of today.. who and where are we starting our non imports... need 7 starting Canadians...

Obvious - Doug Brown,Ian Logan,Brendon Labatte, Obby Khan,Morley or Greaves,WATSON? ???? BUT could be Hargreaves, Etienne, Poblah (if available)... Is this where we start that extra Canadian and if so.. who's that guy.. Etienne? Probably with Hargs backing up...

This offence could be lethal tho if we start that 7th Canadian at LB.

Tim Burke likes to run a very aggressive defensive backfield and with Hef and Jovon and stewart or beasley and suber and sears... i think we will see some man coverage.

the MLB in Tim Burkes defense doesn't always need to stand out... Muamba could start. see Shea Emry Als...

i think Muamba starts... and we have Brown,Muamba,Logan,Labatte,Khan,Greaves/Morley,Watson. 7 cdn starters..

if someone goes down insert Donny O or that extra Canadian Receiver even.

Next Question would be.....

Do we have enough capable Canadian Backups...

Well, one of Morley and Greaves are pretty decent. Maybe even Morencie and Kowalchuk and perhaps one of the rooks step up... or oline depth canadian wise is pretty decent all things considered.

receiver... we have 7 or 8 canadian receivers under contract.. our depth is there.. just a few havent played alot or at all even so... but we are actually not half bad in this department, just unknown... maybe Josh Bishop surprises people.. who knows. we got rid of Brock Ralph and that's a move in the right direction too.

Defensively.. Donny O is more than capable... he could start i think. Labbe i think in a tim burke defense might surprise people too. The guys good just hasnt been given a shot, capable backup i feel and special teams demon. Muambas backup maybe?

Brady Browne showed last year he can get the job done too, logan was hurt alot.. browne stepped up... he's a good backup also.

Capable yes... but not enough of depth behind these guys yet and i think MACK will also pick up some kids next year and we will improve even more..

This guys not a dumbass... he's gonna get his 3 years... maybe more if he wants them.. Lapo too, he will get his 3 years and maybe more depending on how next season goes.. these guys ARE DEFINATELY MAKING IT TO THE NEW STADIUM....
LOL... so i hope that talk doesnt come up :slight_smile:

I don't know if Muamba will start right away but I think he'll definitely play. We'll have to see if Labbe can take the next step and how Surla does in TC to see how our NI LB situation will be.

I'm looking forward to seeing how guys like Deji Oduwole, Chris Greaves, Chris Kowalczuk, Scott McHenry and others will respond now that they've got a year under their belt.

I agree we still have some work to do on our NI talent but Mack has done a great job in improving it each year.

Muamba starting from day 1 would be a surprise to me. I don't doubt he may be capable but not many players NIs can step right in at that position and they may not want to overload him right away. Letting him get his feet wet and some reps here and there to build him up like the Riders did with last years #1 shamori williams would probably seem prudent. Then again he has a great opportunity coming into a position where the incumbent didn't have a great year last year, could not find a good deal on the FA agent market, and comes back having to win his spot all over again.

The NI receiver spot SHOULD be a heck of a battle. Lots of competition for only a couple of spots. With Ralph gone we may have to deal with seeing a few drops here and there, just need to be patient with whoever takes that spot. Even for receivers the speed of the game from CIS is higher and it may take some adjusting. Take Watson for good example, he struggled earlier in the season, sat for a bit (injury related IIRC), but then came on in the last few games of the season.

Oline I expect will probably shake out with the same 3 starters as last year. Morely and LaBatte are fairly settled in their spots. Khan is the most in danger of losing his job, with Morencie probably the main competition there. I don't think Kowalczuk or Greaves fit in at centre, nor do the new draftees Dunn or Swiston.

Volny will take Stephenson's roster spot. I'm interested in seeing how he pans out. He seems like he can run, catch, and block and could be our answer to that some other teams are doing with their backup canadian RBs like Mccarty in Edm or Cornish. Then again most of our sets will probably feature a single back so he might not see the field too much with Freddie Reid out there.

Not a lot of changes on the defensive side at all in the offseason in terms of NIs, muamba being the biggest one. Time to really assess what we have on the Dline to prepare for Douggie Brown's eventual retirement, whether he says goodbye at the same time we say goodbuy to CanadInns or if he manages to come back for 1 season in the new stadium, the team needs to really make sure they have a plan for that spot. If he's on the roster then great, if not then that will become a key spot in next years draft. We'll probably see more playing time for Donny O and maybe Deji Oduwale. Re: Labbe I like what he brings. He got some field time at LB in Kelly's season as an injury replacement and looked OK. Logan is Logan, we know what he brings. Browne, though injured at times last season, is a good back up there. One guy you didn't mention was James Green who was a great STer when they signed him midseason. Jerry Ralph-Jules - don't know enough about him to comment.

Overall NI depth is getting better. May see some further additions once other teams trim down, maybe there are some other guys out there that will fit with our needs. But overall I think we've had 2 drafts where we've been able to add a couple of quality guys and a couple of good development guys has helped reshape the NI roster.





Leaving one more spot to fill

Defence (options)

Donny O

Offence (options)


Of course, any of the other NI's could surprise but thtose would be my guesses.

We need to find out what's happening with Woodhouse too before handing off a position to another NI back. I know the Bombers said they would like him to come to camp this year.

I'm also interested to see what Burke does with Labbe and Surla and whether Labbe is ready to step up another level.