Starting backfield for pre-season game #2

From Drew

#Ticats depth chart filled with starters

#Ticats depth chart filled with starters

Of interest, the starting backfield is Hinds at wide corner, Dennis, Shivers at safety, Darren Toney at short half and Marcell Young at corner.

Markeith Knowlton is in the line up, as are Baggs and Hickman.

Dylan Barker is the only notable absence.

Where's Bo Smith?

Not cleared to play yet from last year's injury.

Thanks. That can't be a good thing.

Looking at the player bios, looks like no pro game experience for Young, while Toney has a full season under his belt with B.C. in 2009 before being released by the Lions after 2010’s training camp.

I got all excited that the depth chart was the same as June 18th

June 22nd is listed above the June 18th depth chart, not below.

Click Here to get the pdf version.

Oskee wee wee - and see you tomorrow at the packed stadium

Or it could be. That he's not playing, that is; NOT his injury. He was horrible.

Id have to agree, I'm not the biggest fan of Bo Smith

I like the size Young brings to the defensive backfield, 6'2" 200, dissapointed to see C-Rwab isn't starting but I'm sure he'll get some solid playing time

I think Chamblin is going to show a mixed bag of different combinations in the D-Backfield, so this depth chart may be a little bit misleading

It’s frustrating that for the past few years the Secondary is the weak spot on the team. Every season we start with a new look. There’s got to be something to be said for stability in personnel. There are some very capable dbs in the league that used to play here.

I don't undestand why people dislike Bo Smith so much. Clearly the Jets liked him enough to sign him and keep him around until the last cut-down day. It's also been made quite clear that our coaching staff thinks highly of him as well. I thought he played pretty well before getting hurt last season.

jordan the fact that he signed in the NFL is not really indicative of anything in particular. The skill set required of a cornerback in the NFL, with their narrower field and one less player on the field is different from what is required in the CFL. Being good enough to play corner in one league doesn't necessarily equate to being good enough in the other.

Case in point, do you remember one D.J. Johnson?

He was an Alouette backup a number of seasons back; Don Matthews, their coach at the time, pulled one of the strangest stunts of his career, in benching his two corners for the Grey Cup game and instead starting two kids who hadn't started all season, Johnson being one of them. Not surprisingly, in that Grey Cup game Johnson got royally torched by Ricky Ray and Jason Tucker.

Yet, after that, he went on to have something of a career in the NFL.

Still doesn't take away from the fact that he started in Gregg Marshall's defense in 09' then was brought back after being cut from the Jets last year. Now in a new defensive scheme with an emphasis on good coverage skills due to more man-to-man coverage he still seems to be the favourite to earn on a starting job on the short side of the field.