Starting 4 Wideout

Tony miles, jason french ,chris bauman, either jackson or walker. there are to wr with 4 + year exp that not to bad if you ask me


Miles WR
bauman Slot
Jackson Slot
Ponder WR
5th WR Michell

Masse (PR)
Cohen (PR)


I just think that french will be the got to guy i don't Remember him droping a pass and he lead the team in touchdown pass with 4

Ya there look start More Americans this year.
Why think French is a Backup and 6th WR.

how is ponder looking ?

IMO he been the best WR in Camp next to Miles.

One Canadian starting receiver.
That is all the Cats will use this season unless they run in to injuries in other areas.

Don't forget about Giguere. At some point he'll be back from the Colts.

I see more quantity than quality amongst the WRs. Apart from Miles, the rest have decent credentials but are still question marks. Is Woodcock too old? Will Walker and/or Bauman have breakout years? Will guys who have had a sniff at the NFL like Woods and Ponder stick with the Cats? Etc. etc.

The one sure thing to me is that whoever they keep will be better than the 2007 receiving corps.

An Argo-Cat fan

If Or When that Happens
You May see him take French’s Spost and French move to PR

Credentials do not mean much. Why don’t you come down to camp and form an opinion. Unless you would be much more satisfied having a David Boston with all the credentials yet may never play.

For the record, I don't think the Argos have a great bunch of receivers either. After Bruce, it gets awful thin very fast. I'm far from being sold on guys like Boston or Johnson with their NFL credentials. At this point, they're just two more question marks. Talbot is getting there but he isn't there yet. The Bombers have the best WRs in the East.

An Argo-Cat fan

What About Woodcock How is Doing in camp ?

Chris Woodcock looks good.

He runs hard, he's fast.

He fights to come up with every ball

no matter how closely guarded he is

or how far it is overthrown, bulldog57.

thanks ron. SO when Are we going to get this chris guy signed :lol: