So any guesses on opening day starting line up.

List em and we will see who's right

I'm out I haven't been following.

Milton has done the heavy lifting for you

D is too wide open, so I will just guess the O.

QB - Masoli
RB - Whitlock (since Green is suspended for now)

LT - Washington
LG - Revenberg
C - Filer
RG - Rice
RT - Mathews

xWR - Faubert-Lussier
zWR - Chambers, but if he's seriously hurt then Jones

SB - Tasker
SB - Banks
SB - Saunders

Defense- Just a guess

DE- Tracy
DT- Laurent
DT- International rookie
DE- Cappicotti

SLB- International rookie
MLB- Dean
WLB- Lawrence

CB- Wahington
HB- Leonard
S- Stephens
HB- Kannaeh
CB- Unamba

These might be the starters come the regular season but the majority of these guys will play a quarter and if all goes well then you will see our back ups playing most of the game Friday night.

I hope Green is back soon, we cant start the season with a D-lineman as our starting RB

They have Storm Johnson that runs the ball well.

Ever heard of "the Fridge"? Maybe not such a bad thing. He might not be as fast, but he'd be tough to bring down, and probably a pretty good blocker.

He played Fullback for the NYG in the NFL 15% of the snaps. More than he played defensively.

And no votes for Whitlock as a starting DT?
I will cast my vote for him starting on the DLine as part of a rotation.

I don't remember Mr green playing for my Gmen ?

He is talking about Whitlock

Fridge was horrible lol If he got more than 30 carries I'd eat my phone lol

I hate the bears

Ok my bad I read the quotes wrong.

I know Alex Green played for the Green Bay Packers and did the Lambeau Leap a number of times!
Was the #1 RB for another pretty good QB named Aaron Rodgers

And of course he played RB for the University of Hawaii

Even if Whitlock doesn't start at DT, he will probably be listed as one of the starters (i.e., not a designated international. That way, he'd be able to come in on offense without restriction - same as if he were Canadian. And the actual starting international DTs could be on the field when Whitlock is on the bench.

A nice bit of roster flexibility

Any word on the reason why Green is on the suspended list? Or has it just been said that it's "for personal reasons"?

Family matter.

OK. Thanks