Starters vs BC

Depth Charts:

[url=] ... 0@%20B_C(2[/url]).pdf

Starting Recievers:


Durant listed #3 (although #3 QB isn't allowed to punt)

BC's lists Smart, Logan, and Roberts, with Logan on returns

I see Clovis is listed as suspended. What is his story on the personal issues? I mean WTF, time to crap or get off the pot. It can't be immediate family issues, his brother is still here.

If he's married, spouses count as immediate family.

HOW DOES PALMER KEEP GETTING THE STARTS…sorry for the caps but am i the only person that thinks hes terrible

Palmer can’t catch. He needs to go.

Is Palmer Canadian? If so that probably explains alot. Plus I think he still shows signs of being a good reciever.

The depth chart is never a 100% right....

Riders depth chart is only useful for finding out the 46 man. Just ignore what spots the players are put in.

Palmer will be in there until either Grant gets back or Fantuz is ready. He might be gone by the time Fantuz is ready.

Don't forget that when he catches he fumbles the ball right after.

How long has Palmer played in CFL? He is a veteran. Remember the story about Crandall and being a veteran. If Riders kept him 1 more game had to pay him all year. After September 1st Riders may have to pay Palmer to. Even if they cut him.

Palmer was a lot better last year. Needs to play better this year. Beating Lions in Vancouver helps Riders finish 1st. Palmer needs to help. So far not so good.

Who`s starting at QB for the Riders lol

46-man is out for the 2nd BC game.

[url=] ... %20B_C.pdf[/url]

Childs and Lynch to the 9-game

Hughes is BACK!!!!!!

Awesome that Hughes is back!!

Foord was taking all the reps with 1st team while Cates sat out so far this week. I'm thinking Hughes is going to be one of the cuts. Note: 22 imports, we only need to lose 1 for the 42-man because we only have 2 import recievers.

Odds are it's going to be Morgan.
Should be Morgan, Shologan/Baggs, Carter, and Hughes/Best

Thats right, Jyles is a back up kicker, so thats why the list him 3rd. Seems a little silly as the coach is not obligated to go with QB's in order...

Does anybody know if they report the 42-man anywhere? It's an hour before kickoff so it should be submitted.

I assume because they listed Jyles #2, that Hughes is doubtful (because Hughes has always been backup punter).

Morgan, Hughes ... need 2 more scratches.