Starters for next weeks game!!

With all the problems we have on this team this is what i would do for now:

OT: George Hudson, Marka Cavka
OG: Cedric Gagne Marcoux, Eric Ince
C: Marwan Hage

WR: Jason Armstead, Jason French
backups: Darnerian McCants, Talman Gardner

SB: Brock Ralph, Nate Curry
back up: Chris Bauman

put Jo Jo walker on the practice roster

RB: Jesse Lumsden and Terry Caulley
Anthony Davis on the practice roster

FB: Kori Dickerson and Julian Radlein


DE: Nautyn Mckay Loescher and jamacia Jackson
DT: Roger Dunbrack, Clinton Wayne
backups: JP Bekasiak and jermaine reid

LB: JoJuan Armour and Ray Mariuz
MLB: Zeke Moreno

CB: Jykine Bradley and Dwight Anderson
DB: Tay Cody and Tony Tiller
S: Sandy Beveridge
backups: Sasha Glavic, Jason Nedd, Ryan Glasper

Jamacia Jackson at DE? A bit undersized.

dickerson a fullback import is a waste when we actually do run the ball i'm sure radlein is adequate enough (ask troy davis) if used as a te we could put another o linemnen in our jumbo offence.
with our inability to stretch defences we could actually use an other import receiver instead of kori and give printers more space downfiekd and in the neutral zone.