My guess is that since neither one of the quarterbacks took control of the job that joseph will be our starter in montreal on friday, what i am wondering is who will be our third stringer??? Will it be tate or durant??? Neither got much of a chance to show what he has got so it is really up in the air, i guess it will come down to who showed better in camp and not reallly the preseason. The other positions that never really got any clearer are running back and reciever, they are going to have some really tough decisions here. I would have to think that a guy like thyron anderson would be in trouble though with all the recievers and not playing last night, he might be on his way out, evern though i am a big fan of his.

I thought KJ played well enough to put the lock on the number one spot.
We didn't score any TDs, but the offence will get better as time goes on.
At receiver, I think DJ Flick will be the new guy. Yo Murphy has looked good, but it seems to me that in a close call, you go with the 27 year old over the 37 year old who says he is about to retire anyway...
Both Hill and Anderson have had their chances hurt because of injury, but look for both guys to hang on after cutdowns.
At runningback, Fred Russell has not shown enough to justify being on the roster. Childs didn't play, so it is tough to call, but I think both Bracey and Childs will begin the year on the roster, with Russell as a practice roster guy. Unless he is the return guy...
I might mention no one looked as good as Dorsey at that spot, but it is still early...

At 3rd string QB, I'll be surprised if it isn't Durant. Stat wise, he was the best QB out of all 4 in the first game, and has shown a good learning curve from last year. Tate looked(sounded?) like what he is...a raw rookie.

Other positions: Chunky looks to be the guy at tackle, though this Freeman guy has a great resume and is a monster...
It seemed like Lucas made a ton of plays when he was in, and I like Ron Robinson, so tough call there, unless one moves to corner. Overall though, the starting defence looked pretty solid last night.

On the o-line, as a unit, they seemed to do a reasonbly good job, but it will take game film for the coaches to sort out and grade the "hoggies" so I think the biggest thing I'll speculate on is whether or not they use one or two imports.
I think they want to go with one, but....

All and all, I was pleased with what I saw.
ET can keep his solid C for now....

I didnt see the game, but from reading most of the play by play, and the vibe i got. I'd start Crandel.

It will be Kerry.

I think as a starter, Joesph has an edge over Crandell because he has the ability to run. Should Joesph struggle there should be no hesitation to put Crandell in. Both Crandell and Joesph looked great! I imaging Durant will be number three and Tate will go on the practice roster. Tate will be joined by Russell on the practice roster. Our recievers looked great. Dominguez once again was unbelievable. Fantuz and Flick looked amazing as well.

As for the defence. Ritchie Hall once again has put together a respectible starting defence. I imagine alot of young DB's will be sent packing as there was alot of poor downfield coverage in the fourth quarter. I predict Marcus Adams at tackle.

Special teams really has to improve. The punting coverage was terrible. Boreham had 3 special teams tackles. That is ridiculous. Congi wasn't really tested unfortunately. As for our return guys. No one is standing out! I imagine with our depth at reciever, that Jason Armstead will be taking most of the return duties.

I DONT CARE :oops: they both look good last night :cowboy:

Joseph brings that veteren sting in to the season and I havn’t heard much of Tate, but I know he is young…that’s all I know. I hate the fact that Joseph’s career Pass % is 50%. Wow, that sucks…alot. I think hhe needs to break out and stop having 12-24 games. He needs to step up and make passes he knows he can make. He has alot of skill in the reception area with D.J. Flick, Thyron Anderson, Matt Dominguez and Kahlil Hill, so I hope to see himhavea PP over 70%…I hope he does, I’m not saying I think he will.

Actually no more Thyron.

And you also have to look at the fact that he is that old and so is Crandell. I hope Tate is good because if the Riders don't draft a QB soon we could be in for some trouble.

I am shocked by the announcement today that KJ will start against Montreal.

What happened to him? did the Riders release him or what??? too bad, I liked him, he had skill and had the potential. Looks like KJ has an even tougher task without him.

They traded him.
To Hamilton.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! for who?

I think we were going to cut him anyway.
At best he was bound for the practice roster, but I think they like the new guy, Mitchell, better.
Lesson learned?
Don't get hurt the first day of camp and then stay hurt....

we'll be just fine with thyron gone (and i sure no one will miss french either). Thyron has always been an underachiever, and yeah, he does have the skills to break out, but so do alot of our other receivers. Plus, after our main five, dominguez, armstead, flick, fantuz, and murphy, we've got alot of capable backups. Mitchell, Hill, Hoffard, Grant are just to name a few. We also need a little more experience in the secondary, and Kournegay has a few years under his belt.

Yea i like this trade personally alot because we got traded two receivers we were going to cut anyway instead of just releasing them, Tillman is a pretty nifty fellow, ain't stupid thats for sure!

Actually, my gramma likes French so she was kinda pissed lol

I once heard Drew Remenda comment on his Radio show about how in Saskatchewan, the back up QB is the most popular guy on the football team. (or something close to that. Sorry to drop your name Drew.)
As far as Joseph being the starter goes . . .
I think the only decision to be made was to play Joseph, but my buddy told me (Yeah i am aware that my buddy may know nothing, but i trust his judgement) that the Riders will be playing mostly five receivers in total. That means a lot of single back, but more importantly . . .
A lot of options for a QB, which also means the QB shouldn't have to rely on scrambling or running as much.
Crandell is a better pocket passer. More accurate.
I have seen Joseph overthrow easy looking passes on so many occasions.
I short, if Kerry Joseph doesn't perform Austin should make the switch early in the season.

. . . But what do I know?

It's funny. I keep hearing that Marcus Crandell is a more accurate thrower than KJ. And I always wonder why people say that. Are they just following Vanstone's lead? Because he has been saying that all off-season.
Anyway, just a few numbers to compare:

ATT COMP % Yards Long TD % INT % Rating
Marcus Crandell:
Career Totals 2,080 1,152 55.4 15,321 80 74 3.6 80 3.8 74.8

Kerry Joseph:
Career Totals 1,792 1,070 59.7 14,411 83 79 4.4 70 3.9 83.8

In bold are the completionrates and overall ratings.
In italics are the TD/Int rates.
As we can see, in their careers, KJ is nearly 5% more accurate than Crandell, and 10 points better in the ratings.
The TD/int ratio, tells us that Crandell throws more picks than TDs which is not a good thing in a QB.
Overall, it is a little confusing how anyone can state, "Crandell is the more accurate passer" based on past performance.
Now, is he a better pocket passer, than KJ? Maybe so. But in the CFL, that has never been much of an advantage.
Anyway, if KJ can merely play as well as he did 2 years ago, we will be fine at QB.

As for French, I was a fan as well, and will miss him. But he played hurt much of 2005, then seemed to lose his confidence--maybe he now hears footsteps--I don't know.
But with the young guns we now have, it was time for a change for him and the team.
But I wish him well in Hamilton.

Great post! I love when people bring out the facts. I see Kerry Joseph overthrow every ball he puts in the air. That's all I know.