Starter....Maas or Eakin...?

Before some of you throw eggs at me, think about this......

Maas is without a doubt the best "go to" guy in the CFL......but is he a bonafide starter? far I don't see where he has really taken control of the offense and yet Eakin has when given the limited opportunities.....I just sense that Eakin is starter material right now.

I'm thinking that maybe for the time being that it might be better to start Eakin and depending how it goes, insert Maas later on if needed.......both of these guys are excellent QB's and we have to figure out a way to get the most out of the tools we have.....


(I love having both of these guys!) :thup:

Maas is one of the league's best QB's.

Enough said.

You don't mess around at q.b, Maas is the guy, as soon as you start flip flopping q.b's it seperates the team, especially at reciever. Right now Maas needs to find some chemistry with the other recievers besides Vaughn who was obviously his go to guy right now. He needs to spend some time throwing with Flick after practice or something, as he is our best reciever and obviously needs to see more than one pass thrown his way.

This is honestly the worst thread ever started on here.

Thanks for the timely response to my posts only.... :lol: ....that took what? minute?

lol :wink:

Nice debate though.... :thup:

Didn't take long for this to be brought up eh??,,,sheeesh!!! :x

This isn't a debate. Maas is a proven starter. He got burned by Edmonton after a 5000 yard season.. It's good to know we have Eakin as a back up in case Maas gets hurt or the score gets out of hand. But Maas is THE STARTER.

Maas has gone through that type of crap in Edmonton. He needs to know this is his team.
His numbers were good
25 for 34 240 yards
but no TD’s and 2 Ints killed us.

I promise you, he will settle down and will only get better.

Perhaps the most pointless thread in the history of BOTH sites.

1 loss and you want him replaced...

Seriously, stay home next Saturday.

Don't forget a t.d was called back which killed our momentum, and got poor Marshall all worked up into a heated frenzy that probably made him lose allot of focus as well, and the second int came with what, 20 seconds left.

Cut him some slack lads........It's the only way people will talk to him.

I promise you, he will settle down and will only get better.
I hope so....and I'm trusting he will....

I also hope we don't ignore that fact we have more than one great QB on this team who is capable of coming in when needed....

Let's use all the tools in all situations is all I'm saying......we have an awesome team!......let's exploit that fact!

Go Cats!

The #1 QB is just that the #1 QB. In football successful teams don’t rotate QB’s. It’s about timing and familiarity. You don’t gain that by switching every time something goes rough.

Completely and utterly clueless.

I went to the game, 2 tickets at $60. each. Just as ticked as I as at the lose, I am sure MAAS is even more ticked. I saw him running off the field, passing the rest of his team and probaly the first one in the change room.

Give Toronto credit winning with their back up.

Very dramatic Zontar (onemoredork)...but entertaining at the very least...

let's move got your jollies...and I'll give you the last word....

:wink: :thup:

Give Tor. credit for superior coaching and tactics on both sides of the ball.

wide receivers actually being open to pass to is a big plus.

The only jollies around here is you trolling for a fake QB controversy just so your Freakin favourite can be in the spotlight. If any of your opinions were based on even a microbe of football knowledge then an actual half decent debate could start. But no.....
stick to corn on the cob and "who I saw at the stadium today" threads.


some people are a little pissed eh :expressionless: