Start Williams/Printers Poll

Offensively Hamilton is doing ok. They are third in the league in terms of first downs and total offence, and printers has completed 63% of his passes. Turnovers have been a problem with fumbles and interceptions but generally the offense is doing a pretty good job. The main problem is the Cats defense is not doing the job. They are 2nd last in terms of yards given up, dead last in pass defense, ie. 71% of passes attempted against the Cat defense have been completed, and they are giving up in excess of 30 points a game. The defense has to start contributing on the field, with more agression, tighter coverages, more pass rush and more forced turnovers. Until that happens Hamilton will be mediocre at best and would not advance even given a playoff birth.

Wow, great research Defense_Rules.

That about sums it up. Good job!

I sincerly apologize to all the english teachers about the spelling of the word poll, who thought the word "pole" would have caused such a weeeee... I congratulate you, Mr62cats, on the big word you used in response to this sure have come a long way...

Mr62, Can you spell check this post for me please... Thank you again, your dedication, and hard work in keeping this forum error free!!

To all the respectful posters who actually posted, I never at anytime blamed printers for the 3 losses, i layed some of the blame on him for not throwing any TD passes this season... I'm not sure how that conclusion was drawn? I was simply saying that for 500K, I expected more from a star QB... does anyone really believe that Casey is reponsible for an umbrella ban?

I still can't figure out why people, who don't vote on a POLL (thanks again mr62), or disagree with a post, feel they have to say something disrespectful.


You mean losses.


LMAO... I deserved that one... thx Cap....

Corrections have bean maid!


You almost made me snarf my coffee all over my keyboard!


With all due respect.... I'm happy to spell check for you. Again.
Here's one: "i layed"!!!!
Try laid. With a capital "I".
However...I would not have commented on it again if you had not thrown out the challenge. There are lots of posts with language and spelling errors,including mine. So be it....but "pole" has to be one of the worst ever on this forum. It goes beyond a typo because you used it in a new thread heading. Other posters agree.
Ridiculously bad spelling is just as disrespectful to the rest of us, as a critical post is to you.
My main point was not the spelling problem anyway. It was that this thread is dumb.
Casey Printers is our #1 QB. He is putting out a huge effort and trying to make plays despite O-line breakdowns and dropped passes. Why (at 500K) would his #1 status be an issue unless he is injured? This is one of the few things this game-challenged coaching staff has got right. You need to make a better case if you want to post a thread as controversial as this.
We have other problems far worse than Casey's performance.
Go Cats Go!

There's a good reason most facilities have a ban on umbrellas. But a raincoat!

This line has my vote. Oh, wait a minute -it wasn't one of the original choices. Cancel my vote.

True Mr62, we do have other problems worse than Casey's performance...

Hey you found my hidden word... nice...

Seriously though, we are all on same team im done with being bitter about the spelling stuff....



LOL...sorry about that Cap!

On the same team for sure...thanks Hushcat.

I am ALL for free speech…BUT PLEASE…This thread is a waste of bytes

Just wondered what everybody who commented on my post thought of it now?

Seems that 34 of you were wrong...

Guess we will have to see...bout a TD in montreal... 3 of you could still be or next game is the "next" game Printers plays... BTW, I think i saw some grass coming up through the cracks at the stadium...

My conclusion....Start Williams in Montreal even if Printers is healthy!!!

Also where was the run on Friday night???? Is Lumsden still hurting or what?

Did Taffe give the O-line the night off to?

Good questions hushcat. But Printers needs to start until the issues you raise are solved.