Start vs Sit: Trusting in the league's top rusher

Week 13 marks the final stretch to the playoffs and with all but Ottawa still in position to chase a berth in the Grey Cup, this week has a feel of explosive play that will leave CFL Fantasy users awash in joy and genius with their picks.

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This could be an interesting chess match. The Als will feed Stanback. The Riders have been good against the run with exception of one game against the Stamps. If the Als are successful running they may have some long drives and I am guessing the Riders will want to utilize there newly charged receiving core....which could lead to quick 2 and outs. The key player in this game may well end up being William Powell. If the Riders win this game it may be that Powell and the O-line get on track and it will mean that the Riders will keep Stanback well under 100 yards for the game. Failure to contain Stanback will lower the riders odds of winning significantly. A good game by Powell will force Stanback to watch on the sideline. Im predicting a good old fashioned slug fest and a nail biter to the end.

Another huge factor is the Riders are 2-2 on the Road. At home 4-2 record. :bangbang:

Edmonton will prob be eliminated tonight